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Every year on the day we were born, we celebrate our birthday. My family and I see my birthday as a very significant occasion. Every year on the day of my birthday, we have a celebration at our home. We make calls to our family and friends and spend the day together. I adore today. For kids, their birthdays are the most memorable day of the year. Children enjoy various activities, get together with friends and family, receive many gifts, and make wishes as they blow out the candle on their unique birthday cake on this day filled with celebrations. All of them are enjoyable and enduring experiences that kids will never forget.

A person’s birthday is one of the most special days of their life, and the planning and celebration of a joyful birthday party are what make it the most enjoyable. It’s the day when I receive special treatment and a pass for everything! My birthdays are always planned. If it’s a school day, I must go as normal, but after school, I have a party with friends and neighbors scheduled for the evening. My parents normally take me out during the day on days off from school. We enjoy fun in my favorite location. Then, we return home to enjoy ourselves even more at the evening party.

My parents regularly make advance preparations for my birthdays to ensure a flawless celebration. Nearly a week before my birthday, I choose my outfit, choose the cake, prepare the party activities, and make other similar decisions so that everything is ready in time. Every year, my parents get me a different cake with a design I like. My favorite superheroes, the Avengers, were the focus this year. I always invite my classmates and neighborhood acquaintances to my birthday celebration so that we may celebrate together. I enjoy giving my birthday speech to my friends and family to express my gratitude and admiration for them.

When my birthday comes on a school day, we are excused from wearing uniforms, so I dress differently for the day. I bring two bags of candy for my students to share. My professors and classmates treat me well on my birthday, so it’s always enjoyable. I enjoy giving chocolates to each student in my class and make sure to give one extra to each of my buddies.

We have the party scheduled for this evening at home. My mother had already decorated the house and prepared it for the party when I got home from school. In the evening, when everyone arrived, we cut the cake. Then, we all eagerly eat the excellent food my mother prepares. We also enjoy playing a lot of games and having a great time. Finally, it’s time to start opening gifts. As soon as everyone has left, I open my gifts. Since I have to wait to see what may be inside each new package, this is my favorite time of the day.

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