Essay: Friendship (300 Words)

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Friendship is the first-ever relationship that a human made by themselves. We don’t have friends by birth. Fortunate are those who have friends, who are there for them at every phase. Friendship is not about making a group of friends or friends by means. it’s about having those friends who stand by you when you are in need. It’s about loving, caring, helping each other, and growing together.

If you have friends only for their purpose, then they might be not your real friends. There has been a rightly saying,” A friend in need is a friend indeed”. We make friends at every step and journey of life. Friends come and go, but the one who is constant by your side at every stage is a real friend. It’s never one-sided. Friendship has to be loved by both sides.

In my school days, I used to go to school to attend those boring classes because of my friends as we create memories through our fun and naughtiness. It’s a special feeling when our smile never goes off and enjoys every moment with our friend, who equally respects our emotions and feeling as we do.

But there comes a phase you may have disputes because of some economic problems. It has been found that conflicts because money between friends is the main cause of their rift. If you want your friends to stay for a long run and have happy notes, try to avoid the phase of money among your friends. Friendship sets the bottom of each relationship. It is one of all the treasures in life that offers a way and purpose to measure life. Living alone can cause you to feel bored and depressed in life. a real friend is a real companion that takes you out of your zone and makes your life enjoyable and thrilling. he’s that network with which you’ll share anything with no fear of judgment and rejection.

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