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A home is a place where you are surrounded by your known ones and spend most of the time. I am lucky to have a house of my own. Some of them live in rentals flat and some unprivileged ones don’t have a house either. But A house becomes a home if there is a family which by god’s grace, I do have a lovely family.

Along with my parents, siblings, and grandparents, I reside in my old house. My grandfather had spent a lot of time building this home. It contains a Veranda, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and 3 other small rooms. The age of my home is at least 52 years.

I’m in awe of how lovely my home is. It is even more lovely because of the carved designs on it. It’s made up of mud and is still as strong as a house of bricks and cement. The veranda at my house has a tiny garden that belonged to my grandparents. Additionally, it has two trees, Guava and Mango trees respectively could be seen here. They provide us with shade and tasty fruits.

Since it was constructed many years ago, my home has very thick walls. It has retro switchboards, which give it a very distinct look. My home is located in a village area, deep inside where you won’t get easily a vehicle to travel. It’s more like a village. You will get some fresh air in the morning and evening. It’s the best part of my home Because of plants and trees we get fresh air and fruit. We follow the tradition of our ancestors to plant some fruits and grass in the house for ease and freshness. It’s worth doing it.
My Whole family gets into this work on off days and enjoys each other company. We just love to stay at such a home which is chilled in hot weather and a bit hot in cold weather. It just keeps us suited to the weather.

Thus, my traditional home has inherited us some tradition and ethics of life, which is worthy of remembrance.

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