Essay on ‘Health and fitness’ for Grade 5


Key Points

  • Health and fitness are something that each person desires.
  • Both things go side by side with each other.
  • Health stands for the complete physical as well as mental health that is free from diseases.
  • Whereas fitness stands for the activeness of the physical body.
  • If a person is completely healthy, there is no doubt he or she can be fit.
  • However, if a person is fit, there is still room for debate to take place about his or her health.
  • People often get confused with both words and think they have the same meaning. But that is not the case, both things are different yet relatable.
  • If someone is confused about this thing, it is better if they can get it down and actually understand its meaning because both the words are of great importance in each one’s life.
  • Sometimes, people just refer to the outer health of a person as an important aspect of one’s life and forget about the mental condition of each person.
  • For a good and well-paced life, we need to have health as well as fitness.

Essay on ‘Health and fitness’

Health and Fitness can be said as the two sides of the same coin. We can take our own example as the coin. We all often get confused with the proper meaning of both the words and get them under the same meaning. But that is not the truth. Both the words have their own meaning as well as their own remedies to come over. For the definition of Health, it is the state of a person in which he or she is free from any kind of disease and is in good mental as well as physical state. Whereas the definition for Fitness is the physical state of a person in which he or she can be said as active.

If a person suffers from ill-health, he or she needs to go through a long process depending upon his or her illness to overcome it. Whereas if a person is said to be unfit, he or she can improve it by just taking care of his or her diet and daily routine changes. Even though both things look different from the definition point of view, they are very much dependable on each other. Without proper health, no person can be certified as a fit person and without being fit, no person can be said to be a healthy person. Both phenomena are of equal importance in each one’s life and need to be monitored regularly for their future advantages.

There are said to be numerous advantages of being healthy and fit-

  • A person who is healthy and fit does not need to worry much about their own health.
  • The healthy person has the advantage of extending their lifespan by a few moments depending upon their health and fitness.
  • The fit person can be of great help when you need to rely on someone for your work, they don’t slack off due to health at least.
  • By being healthy, one is free from any mental health issues also such as depression, which is the biggest cause of other big diseases nowadays.

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