Essay on ‘Self-discipline’ for Grade 5

Key Points

  • Discipline means the ability of a person to walk on the right path and if fluctuated, can be corrected by the punishment or any penalty decided by some elderly figure or can be according to the rules and regulations of the place affected.
  • Whereas, self-discipline is something completely different from discipline.
  • Self-discipline means the ability of one’s own to control his or her own emotions and to try to make oneself better by just defeating his or her own weakness.
  • Both things are required by everyone to live a better and fuss-free life.
  • However, discipline can be implicated through the elders or the teachers from childhood only.
  • Whereas, self-discipline is something that a person needs to learn and implement on his or her own.
  • There won’t be any outsider help to it.
  • Eventually, learning self-discipline can make one stand out from the crowd of people and can lead them to success with no doubt.
  • Self-discipline is sometimes also confused with self-control.
  • Both the words are similar but not exactly the same.
  • However, without self-control, you can not get into self-discipline.

Essay on ‘Self-discipline’

      Self-discipline is the self-learned technique of controlling one’s own emotions and behaviour and trying by self to improve one’s personality by defeating the weaknesses or the backlogs.

      Self-discipline is the thing that holds us back from answering any elder person at fault just with the thought of him being older than us and us not wanting to disrespect any elder person.

      This can be a great positive point for each person’s personality.

      We all should try our best to be self-disciplined.

      Sometimes, it is often referred to as self-control also. Yes, it can sometimes be said as self-control because eventually, we control our emotions and behaviour rather than acting upon our reflux and causing the damages.

Self-discipline is of great importance and has a great impact everywhere a person goes as it comes with many advantages-

  • A person with good self-discipline can always be said as a sorted person with the knowledge of right and wrong and what needs to be done at what time.
  • A self-disciplined person is always a way ahead of others in good practices as they always try to refine their personality.
  • A person with good self-control and good discipline can actually avoid committing mistakes due to reflux. They can actually have a long thought process before taking any action instead of just blabbering.
  • A self-disciplined person can not wrong anyone and has to be in the good books of almost everyone due to their abilities.

      We all should stick to the practice of self-discipline as it needs to be learned by ourselves only. For the discipline methods, we get to learn it from our elders, and they teach us to practice it in our daily life. However, self-discipline is a thing that is one step ahead of discipline and requires more practice than others. 

      Being self-disciplined people, we can be sure enough to attain the ladder of success at any time in the future.

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