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Whether it is our house or our school, we have certain places that we enjoy going to and spending time there. And the place I enjoy being the most is my classroom. When we value our learning environment, it occupies a special place in our hearts. There are several reasons why I enjoy my classroom. We all consider our class to be a second home and spend most of our time there. We enjoy going there because of the many aspects that make it decent.

Everybody can relate to the environment of a classroom. Children can discover new things there and make new buddies while they are there. The kid goes there for the first time to develop social skills.

I am not the only person who enjoys going to school and being in the classroom. My classroom is another such place where I spend the most time studying and examining brand-new subjects and ideas. It is where 30 students, including myself, from various backgrounds, sit and learn together.

The fact that my classroom is so large and open is only one of the many reasons I enjoy it. It features two boards—a chalkboard and a whiteboard—20 desks, and a large almirah for storing the necessities for kids. Additionally, it includes a projector that our teacher uses to show us tales and movies. The playground can be seen from two of the windows in my classroom. It relaxes me to look outside when I have some free time. Every child must add something creative to the craft board that we have as well. With a fire alarm, a fire extinguisher, etc., my classroom is technologically advanced and ready to handle any emergency.

My classroom’s decor is its best feature; it is vibrant and appealing to all. The walls of my classroom are decorated with a variety of charts, famous quotes, and artwork created by kids like me. We don’t really have ceiling fans in my classroom because the entire school has central air conditioning. Because every element of me is displayed there, my classroom is stunning in every way.

We do a lot of creative work in my class and compete in events to build our self-confidence. Just because it is our “second home”, our teacher advises us to keep our classroom clean and tidy. In order to ensure that no dry garbage or wrappers are left on the floor, we have two dustbins. No kid is permitted to enter my classroom after Covid due to the hand sanitizer bottle that was installed at the entrance.

My classroom is such a peaceful place and I love going there every single day. We all live, work, and support one another with all of our hearts in my class, which is why I adore it the most.

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