Essay: My Super Hero

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I consider my parents as my superheroes. Both of them are heroes in my eyes, not for what they gave the world, but for what they gave me. A hero is, in my opinion, someone you can follow, someone you like and aspire to be like. Having good morals and beliefs, a hero is someone who serves as an example for you. My parents brought me up and gave me the space to develop, which is how I know they are my superheroes. They fulfilled my bare necessities for me. Along with their affection, this also includes things like food, clothing, and shelter. To get me ready for school and my social life, they taught me positive ideals and attitudes. From learning the alphabet to knowing right from wrong, they educated me on a lot of things I needed to know. They did a good job of raising me, in my opinion. I express this to them by putting in a lot of effort in school and being a good person.

They have supported all I’ve done and am about to do, which is another reason they deserve to be considered my superheroes. They assisted me with my homework and studies. They have also been very guarding because they frequently inquire about my daily activities at school or the well-being of those around me. This, I believe, is advantageous because I am aware of their care for me.

The fact that I know my parents will always love and care for me makes them my superheroes. Whatever happens, I am confident that they will continue to treat me in the same manner. Getting involved in illegal activities like drug use or fights is part of this. The fact that I know better than to do those things, however, means that I would never do them. They always told me the difference between right and wrong, as I already mentioned. I’ll always love them because of this. No matter what, I will always treat them with respect and kindness.

I am what I am today because of how my parents reared me. I think they gave me most of what I currently possess. They have been incredibly encouraging in whatever I have done and with regard to my future. Whatever happens, I know that they will always love and care for me. I also love them very much and I am never going to let them down in any way.

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