Farm Animals Worksheets for Kindergarten

Farm animals are animals that are kept or raised on farms. A farm is an area of land which is used for growing crops and rearing animals. Farm animals helps us to produce labour (physical work) and provides us with many things such as meat , eggs , milk, fur, leather and wool. India is  the country with largest number of livestock.


Examples of farm animals are –


  • It includes cows and bulls.
  • They give us meat and milk.
  • Common among villagers.
  • We also worship cow as our mother.
  • Brazil has the largest cattle inventory in the world followed by India and China.


  • Comes under poultry.
  • It is the most common type of poultry.
  • They are easy to raise and are raised for their meat.
  • It gives us Protein.
  • China has the highest chicken population. It is also the leading producer of eggs worldwide.


  • It is used as an working animal.
  • They are found throughout the world.
  • They are social animal.
  • Ethiopia has the most donkeys.


  • They are raised for their meat, milk and mainly for wool.
  • They are timid (shy) animals.
  • Australia is the country with highest sheep population.


  • They are raised for it’s milk and meat.
  • China is the leader country in goat meat production.


  • They are raised for their feather and eggs.
  • They mostly come under wild animals.
  • China has the most ducks.


  • They are very easy to raise.
  • They are raised for their wool, meat and also fertilise the crops.
  • They are also raised as pets.
  • China is the country with largest volume of rabbit meat production.


  • They are smart animals.
  • Their skin is used for clothing, medical use etc..
  • China is the home to largest number of pigs.


  • They are the fastest running animal.
  • They are raised for their meat.
  • China has more horses.

We should remember that we are also protecting animals for our mother nature. So, while farming these animals we should also take care of their health and food. We should also treat these animals with tenderness. We should provide the farm animals with clean water daily. As each animal has different diet we should accordingly give them sufficient food. We can keep their living area clean. Interact with your animals regularly so that they get used to you and thus your bond will also become stronger.

Farm Animals Worksheets for Kindergarten

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