Number Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

Number  tracing worksheets can be very useful if your child is learning to write numbers. These worksheets are the excellent source for your child to utilize his/her summers in learning numbers.

You can print them over and over again until your child is confident in writing numbers. Or you can laminate them and use them with washable or dry markers. These kinds of numbers tracing worksheets are perfect activity for the kindergarten kids.


How should I introduce numbers to kids?

As kids are new learner you can introduce numbers with number rhymes, can do some number activities and games like tell them to count apples , teach them to count using fingers , by drawing a number or craft number art.

These are some activities which can be used for introducing numbers to your kids.

How to teach a kid to identify numbers?

There are many ways to teach a kid to identity numbers. By using abacus , by recognizing numbers in day-to-day activities for eg:- how many chocolates ate today etc, repeating numbers and rhymes , by playing number games like housie . This activities are very helpful to identify numbers.

Here is the preview of how this tracing worksheets look like. Worksheets contains total 20 pages each of one number.

Number Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

Hope you liked these number tracing worksheets. Please check out our collection of worksheets for creative learning.

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