Fun with Magnets


What are magnets?

Magnets are materials that:

  • attract iron
  • create a magnetic field
  • create magnetic forces
  • can be used in determining directions


Magnets were discovered by a shepherd called Magnes who was once rearing his sheep and his stick that had some iron attached on the tip got stuck to a rock. This rock was later named as magnetite.

Magnetites are natural magnets.


magnets can be found/made in various shapes as:

  • bar magnet
  • horse shoe shape magnet
  • cylindrical in shape
  • ball ended type of magnets

Magnetic and Non-Magnetic substances:

  • magnetic substances are the ones that get attracted to a magnet, for example: iron nails.
  • non magnetic substances are the ones that don’t get attracted to such magnets, for example: steel


  • A magnet attracts pieces of iron or other magnets.
  • A magnet consists of poles on either of its ends- north pole (through which magnetic field lines emerge out) and a south pole (through which magnetic field lines enter a magnet)
  • Like poles repel each other
  • Unlike poles attract each other
  • A magnet induces magnetic properties to the substance that gets attracted to it
  • it develops an opposite pole on the near end of the substance attracted to it

Magnets are used in our day to day life too.


  • magnets should be kept in pairs
  • they should be kept away from discs, computers, CDs, etc.

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