Hand washing Sequencing Cards

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Maintaining Proper Hygiene is a very essential part of our life. It is important to let small kids understand the proper way of using handwash as it is something which they do regularly in their day-to-day life. This is also a very important part of their learning , but teaching the proper way of hygiene can be a bit typical for parents and teachers. To solve this problem we are here with an amazing study material that will help your child learn the proper way of handwashing in a very interesting manner. This study material is in the form of flashcards, these flashcards are very beautiful and are suitable for the young children of pre-primary and first grade. The flashcards contain pictures along with the sequence numbers so that children can easily learn the steps.  The outlook of the study material is so beautiful that it can easily grab the attention of young learners and create a willingness in them to learn. The amazing picture presentation of the handwashing procedure in these flashcards makes it easy for the children to memorize it. So let your child learn about the proper way of washing hands with Kidpid’s hand wash sequencing cards.


Hand Washing Sequence Flashcards

Hand washing Sequencing Cards- 1

Hand washing Sequencing Cards

Hand washing Sequencing Cards- 2

Hand washing Sequencing Cards

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