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Oxymorons are two or three-word phrase that contains contradictory or opposite words or ideas. Oxymorons add a little wit to the writing. For young learners, it is important to master oxymoron words in order to write more effectively. For this, we are here with the amazing study material that will help young children learn about multiple oxymoron words in a very interesting manner. This study material is in the form of beautiful flashcards that includes multiple oxymoron words in a very creative manner. These flashcards are suitable for children of all age groups. It includes words like the only choice, random order, small crowd, etc. Children love to learn from such an interesting study material as they find it interesting and when students take an interest the probability of effective learning increases which results in better academic performance and growth. So let your child enjoy learning from such cool and interesting study material with kidpid.


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Oxymoron Flashcards

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Oxymoron Flashcards

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Oxymoron Flashcards

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