How aspirin was discovered

We all know that use of various pain relievers are used these days for decreasing the pain and inflammatory responses of the body. So, among the pain killers used these days, Aspirin is more effective on reducing pain.

*Discovery: Almost 4000 years before, the aspirin was discovered by ancient samartians who collected the bark of some tree and found that it relieves from pain. Later at 400BCE, Hippocrates who is also known as Father of modern medicine discovered that the willow tree had certain medicinal properties which helped in curing pains and fever like conditions.

Later on, after performing many experiments that helped in isolation of the original drug which is responsible for all the medicinal effects. Then the aspirin was discovered. The aspirin which was discovered was sold by various pharmaceutical industries and had a wonderful record during the 19th century.

Though now a days, use of aspirin is done in order to treat the heart attacks as well as other cardiovascular problems such as clog related problems. Aspirin is also a salicylic acid derivative and called as NSAIDs ( Non- Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs). It is also used in treating fever, pain in teeth (tooth aches), in common cold and in treating diseases such as arthritis, pain and swelling.

Though later on, few of the aspirin’s side or adverse effects were found stating that over consumption of aspirin can cause bleeding in the intestines as well as in the brain and can cause Reye’s Syndrome in children ( which is seen rarely, but can be extremely fatal in children).

These days Aspirin is given at a risk of heart problems or stroke but has many other benefits. Aspirin controls inflammation but preventing prostaglandins production which cause pain and swelling in the body. This is also used in treating cancer especially colorectal cancer as per scientists who are researching in other aspirin benefits. So, mere pain reliever from the age of sumerians, the Aspirin is now considered as a life saving drug throughout the world.

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