How to manage your time more effectively?

A moment passed is like an arrow that has left the bow, it cannot come back. This is the reason why time management is one of the most important skills one has to learn in life.

When you start a new project, you’re so much excited on completing your daily tasks on time. But as time goes by, the tasks seem to be boring. And before you know it you are too lazy to work and your work just piles up. You may be doing some of it, but it is rather quantitative than qualitative.


Did you have an idea that these things happen to machines too?

Yes, you heard it right! It’s one of those times when your device starts acting up; not giving desired or scheduled results. If everything goes well, machines work efficiently or atleast seem to do so. But even machines cannot handle too much pressure.

What is the reason behind this?

This is due to the bug in device’s scheduler. A scheduler is the part of an operating system that informs or rather determines the CPU regarding the amount of time taken for completing each task before taking another one.

The science behind computer scheduling works similar to human scheduling.

Like for instance, when we are studying for an exam. We rather study material, refer to teachers’ notes, call up friends for knowing important things when we also spend time in chit chat, mark important things and then finally are ready to start studying.

But till then so much of our time is wasted in learning what to study rather than actual learning.

This is known as quadratic time algorithm. Which means we waste time on prioritizing work rather than actually doing it.

The problems in machines can be solved using computer science or machine learning. However, in our case we are the solution to our own problem.

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