How do Geckos Defy Gravity?

Gravity affects every matter in this Earth. Every matter is attracted downwards because of the Earth’s gravitational force. Have you seen things or organisms going against gravity or simply not falling down? There is an organism which is unique and totally defy gravity.

Do you know its name?


Geckos are unique?

Are you scared of geckos? They’re just everywhere in our homes. They are really unique because they can be seen in many flexible positions and they literally never fall even if they are crawling on the walls or stuck inverted at the ceilings.

I wonder how do they manage to do this?

Why are Geckos unique?

Geckos don’t fall because of the magical stickiness in their feet. This sticky material is actually present in the hair inside their feet. This works as a suction cup in hard surfaces and allows them to stay balanced even in an inverted position. This sticky material helps them to stay rigid in hard surfaces.

Researchers have recently discovered what really enables geckos to run across ceilings and walls without losing their grip. They examined the tiny hair that covers a gecko’s toes and discovered the microscopic hair-splitting up into even tinier pads called spatulae. These spatulae are really minute. The combined adhesive property of these pads is quite impressive, in fact, the adhesive power is so strong that a gecko can hang from the ceiling by one toe!

How are Geckos helpful?

Can this unique feature be helpful?

Let’s see!

This unique stickiness in their feet is encouraging researchers to develop such sticky material which can be used for several purposes such as construction.

Aren’t geckos amazing? The next time you see them don’t get scared instead congratulate them for being so unique.

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