What causes bad breath?

You might have wondered that the food you eat smells so wonderful and tastes so delicious but why does your mouth smell bad hours later of having it?

Try smelling your breath as soon as you wake up. It smells bad but why? and how?

The answer to this question is that the food we eat deposits in smaller amounts in between our teeth and gums this gives rise to certain bacteria and they start feeding there. This process gives rise to the bad smell which is bad for health and even worst for your social relationships.

Think of a situation having bad breath and being with your friends or teammates! Isn’t it very embarrassing?

How to treat bad breath?

You might have been taught all the basic oral hygiene methods but let us recall them now.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day (just after waking up and before you sleep at night).
  • Keep a record of the food you eat. This will help you to detect the food which is causing you bad breath.
  • While brushing teeth, clean your tongue with a plastic tongue cleaner because many of the bad breath causing bacteria sleeps at the back of your tongue.
  • If you recognise bad breath, immediately take a dentist’s advice and get yourself a good treatment.
  • Go for a regular dental check-up at least twice a year and change your toothbrush every three months.
  • Bad breath is really embarrassing and can ruin your relationships with people not only this, it is an indication of several other problems related to liver and gums.

Smile more!

Now when your breath is no worse, go out, laugh aloud, smile more but don’t forget to maintain your oral hygiene.

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