How do plants reproduce?

How do plants reproduce

Plants reproduce through two main methods: sexually and asexually. In sexual reproduction, plants produce seeds through the fertilization of an egg by pollen, involving flowers or cones in many species. Asexually, plants can reproduce through methods like budding, cuttings, and division, where new plants grow from parts of the parent plant without the need for seed formation.



1. How do flowers get pollinated?

A) By wind
B) By water
C) By animals
D) All of the above


2. What is the process called when a seed starts to grow?

A) Pollination
B) Germination
C) Fertilization
D) Photosynthesis


3. Which part of the plant produces pollen?

A) Petal
B) Stamen
C) Pistil
D) Sepal


4. What is the female part of the flower called?

A) Pistil
B) Stamen
C) Petal
D) Sepal


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