Why do some animals have camouflage?

Why do some animals have camouflage

Some animals have camouflage to blend into their surroundings, making it easier for them to hide from predators or sneak up on prey, enhancing their survival chances.



1. What is the primary reason some animals have camouflage?

A) To find their food more easily
B) To protect themselves from predators
C) To keep warm
D) To look more attractive to other animals


2. Which of the following animals is known for its exceptional camouflage ability in the water?

A) Elephant
B) Octopus
C) Cheetah
D) Kangaroo


3. What is the term for the type of camouflage where animals have patterns that break up their outline?

A) Mimicry
B) Disruptive coloration
C) Counter-shading
D) Background matching


4. Which of these animals uses mimicry as a form of camouflage?

A) Rabbit
B) Deer
C) Walking stick insect
D) Polar bear


5. How do chameleons primarily use their ability to change color?

A) To express emotions
B) To regulate body temperature
C) To communicate with other chameleons
D) All of the above


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