How do pregnancy tests work?

“Good news”, this word hints you what? Correct, pregnancy news of any women. It generates lots of joy in everyone’s life.

But during the old-time, you have seen in the movies, if women start vomiting, it is the sign of the pregnancy.

Today the same thing happens too. But with a time using different techniques and science, new methods are available in the market.


Pregnancy Test:

Pregnancy test does check whether that woman is pregnant or not. It needs to confirm. It shows when individuals would have a positive urine pregnancy test after the first day of the missed menstrual cycle means periods.

How Do Pregnancy Test Work?

  • This test checks the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) in the urine.
  • HGC can test with a blood sample or with urine.
  • The HCG produced after 6 days of fertilisation.
  • As pregnancy progresses, These hormones support the placenta which transfers the food from mother to her fetus.
  • Urine samples add on the end of the strip.
  • There are three zones present on the strips to give the confirmation.
  • At the first point or zone, Y-shaped antibodies grab the HCG and attached with themselves.
  • Next, urine catches AB1 enzymes.
  • If the hormone is present that is a sandwich between AB1 and AB2 enzymes.
  • The dye activating enzymes to do its job to create the pattern.
  • If HCG is not present then enzymes pass.

The concentration of the HCG hormone in the blood is higher as compares to urine. Sometimes blood test can be positive while the urine test is negative still.

The test can be qualitative and quantitative.

  • The quantitative blood test measures the exact amount of HCG.
  • A qualitative blood test checks whether HCG is present or not.

Woman are using pregnancy test kit nowadays. If she sees only 1 line that means negative and 2 lines mean is positive, a woman is pregnant. Congratulation!

But it is always essential to check and confirm by your doctors. Sometimes these test goes wrong or has a fault.


In short, the method of confirming the pregnancy decides the joy of woman because pregnancy is a new life for her.

It is quite easy to check the pregnancy at home also but it is always better to go with the guidance.

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