How to use a semicolon

At this moment, I am writing to share some useful information. But each time I need to check whether it is correct or not. I am not talking about the content, it is related to the grammar mistakes.

“Sentenceshouldbegrammatically”, observe the line, does it make sense? If you don’t know about the colon, full-stop, punctuation, exclamatory, it will never convey your message.

The semicolon is also one of them. It is an important standard mark we use while writing.


What Is Semicolon?

The semicolon is denoted by ( ; ). Semicolon used to link two independent clauses in a single sentence. More than one ideas can share in one. 

Example: Fruits of this year are good; especially guava.

How to use a semicolon?

Separate The Complexity:

The sentence that is made up of a list that already contains commas, semicolon help to separate it and avoid the complexion.Example: We have seen Ratnagiri, Mumbai; Pune, Thane; Malad, Goregaon.


When independent clauses contained or joined by a connector such as and, or, but, not, etc, more than one commas use in the first line.

Example: When I finish my exams, I will come and meet, it will be great to meet you; I will keep remembering.

Capital Order:

Letter after the semicolon should be in lower case.

Example: I am clever; keep it in mind.


I am clever; Keep it in mind.

Delete The Conjunction:

The sentence has conjunctions or connectors like and, but, or etc. No need to use both. When you use a semicolon, no need for conjunction.

Example: I visited the school, and it was nice.

Logical Connection:

The sentence before and after the semicolon should be complete and need to show a logical connection between two.

Example: I like to exercise; yoga is helpful too.


While writing, we don’t follow the rules so, it could be difficult to understand the meaning while reading. These marks can help us. Semicolon comes with several rules and we should remember.

It might be Marathi or English grammar but both have specific importance. (😉 looks small but it is a connective.

It is a semicolon”!!!

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