How do schools of fish swim in harmony?

Dear student, you might have seen an aquarium isn’t it beautiful? Today we will study about the school of fishes. In the school the fishes follow a certain pattern and coordination just as you follow in your school. In this lesson, we will study about school and also about its importance and significance.


What is a school?

You won’t we able to notice the school of fishes in an aquarium because aquarium is not the natural habitat of fishes and aquatic animals, it is an artificially created environment to keep them as pet. Fishes when in their natural habitat, flows within a school. A school is a group of fishes flowing together in a certain pattern and coordination, but why? Do they have very close friendship? This could be the reason but the actual reason is different.

Why fishes swim in schools?

Fishes swim in schools to survive. Swimming alone affects their survival; alone fish is more vulnerable to get eaten by bigger fishes. But these fishes follow certain rules that they maintain a limited distance between each other so as to form a pattern and they keep on moving. Whenever the researchers study about the schools or any other characteristics of these fishes they study them in their school because when alone, their survival is in threat.

The same process is conducted when we need to study about the growth, development and the economy of a country, we don’t take only a single person or single occupation instead we conduct research and studies on entire population because the entire population contributes to it.

Fishes are just incredible, the next time you see them try noticing their schools.

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