What would happen if you didn’t drink water?

To pursue my hobby of the plantations, I made a small garden behind the home. After 3 days when I saw, all green vegetables became dry, dull and not growing properly. After thorough observation, I understood, plants can not growing due to their lack of necessity. Yes, they need water!

Alike plants, a human being can not survive without water too. Can we live without water? What would happen? Several things would be, that we never imagine.

Water is an important substance on earth. Earth occupied by 71% of water. Water had no colour, no smell and no taste, except the sea. Living being exists due to water. 


What is a chemical formula of water?

The chemical formula is H2O where H means hydrogen and I means oxygen.The water molecule has one hydrogen and two oxygen atoms.

Daily activities since morning to the night, it is essential for us and this cycle repeats till death. Our body needs food as well as water. We can not even stand properly if we don’t drink for a longer period.

What would happen if we don’t drink water?

Absolutely beyond the imagination. The state is called as dehydration which affects a lot.

Kidney Issues:

Dehydration causes acids and waste in the body. With muscle proteins, it clogs the kidneys. If we don’t take a drink on time, it leads to kidney stones. Dehydration damages the kidneys. Water helps to keep blood vessels open, due to this blood with nutrients can travel freely to the kidney. To flush out germs, water helps for more urine.

Mental Health:

We can not concentrate on the study, office works, driving cars. Dehydration kills your mental stability. Feeling tired, mood swings are not good for your health. It also creates a bad impact on the thinking power and it turned into big problems.

Brain Damage:

Brain engage 24/7. If it stops functioning then? Several things affect every day on the brain. We have to take care of it. The lower water level is harmful to brain cells. It leads to a drop.. Brain tissues can get shrink.

Skin Issues:

For glowing skin, we apply different creams and lotions. That is another point. But the main reason is dehydration. If we don’t drink properly, a metabolism problem raise and it shows on the face too in the form of pimples. Skil gets dryness, dullness and Itching. Skin issues may happen like eczema, acne, psoriasis etc.

Blood Pressure:

90/60 is a low blood pressure reading. Low blood pressure is due to a decrease in blood volume and that happens because of dehydration.

140mm is the higher reading of blood pressure. Increase in blood pressure due to the action of a hormone called vasopressin.

Kidney reabsorb water as opposed to passing it in urine in case of dehydration. The high concentration of this hormone can cause blood vessels to constrict and it causes an increase in blood pressure.


In short, the effect of dehydration is huge. If we don’t drink water, health problem would start.

We are facing daily problems, crowd, rush, personal and professional situations but to handle this we need to be healthy. So never forget to carry a water bottle daily.

“Water is life”!!

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