How does anesthesia work?

Nowadays, the use of mobile and the trend of mobile games are terrific. However, the different games we played on the school ground that always offer huge happiness where we play, fall, out and argue. If we fall, we could not bear that pain anymore and not ready for the first aid, simply want relief from pain without feeling. The same thing happens during surgeries or operations. How don’t experience that pain? What do doctors do? It’s anaesthesia.



Use of medicine that helps to prevent the pain and sensation while surgeries or other procedures. It relies upon on the patient and the circumstances what need to use. These medicines are names as anaesthetics.

They may be given by injections, spray, inhalation. It is helpful to avoid feeling pain. Not only major surgeries but it is used while tooth issues by a dentist, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Next to understand how anaesthesia work.

How Does Anaesthesia Work?

As we recognise it is a medication which is used to numb while certain conditions. These medicines attack specifically on the protein in the membranes around nerve cells. Local and general are two pharmacologic agents.

Novocain which is local anaesthetic block the nerve transmission in the central nervous system. Later, by inhibiting the working of the ion channel in the cell membrane of nerve cells called a sodium channel. This action disturbs the movement of the nerve impulses near the injection site. However, no sensation in other regions.

On the other hand, general anaesthetic, the patient loses his consciousness yet respiratory and maintenance of blood pressure continue to work. This anaesthetic at the synapses, it causes a reduction in nerve transmission.

The term volatile anaesthetic, commonly used general anaesthetic agent inhibit the nerves transmission, a mechanism different from local anaesthetics.


In the end, if we reach the depth, history tells us that anaesthesia was too risky. However, along with the rapidly growing technology, now it is common for patients.

Different anaesthesia for extraordinary sufferers may us”!!

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