How stress affects your body

The world is changing tremendously in terms of technology, policies, competitions etc. Simultaneously, human beings are living with these changes. Each human try to get best out best. But how many we are fully happy?

No. Nobody is satisfied fully and due to this thinking, they invite stress. Along with our necessities, we are living with stress. We made an equation with dangerous stress.


What is stress?

Stress is a natural reaction or emotion which affects mentally and physically too.

When anything takes a big, problematic and unforgettable turn it converts into the stress. We are experiencing stress beyond the level.

Sometimes stress is good for pushing you, to make you a strong person but when it goes wrong it will be harmful.

How stress affects the body?

Chronic Stress:

Chronic stress can harm your brain. The production of myelin-producing cells. The brain is made up of axons, neurons and support cells. This axon covered by white matter called myelin. Constant stress overproduces the myelin that leads to brain structure. Mental abnormalities happen due to imbalance in the myelin.

Digestive System:

Under stress, the liver produces glucose to boost energy. But chronic or constant stress can lead to the risk of diabetes. Rapid breathing, increasing heart rate are problematic for the digestive system.


Anxiety is stress. Some problems make an impact on the human brain and psychology. Unpleasant and unforgettable things throw you towards the depression if we don’t try to let go.

Stress level raises and we feel lost. A better solution is to accept the mistakes and try to improve. Our life is greater than depression.

Muscular System:

Stress causes muscle pain. Muscles cannot protect themselves from any injury. If we ignore or not even try to overcome stress, it leads to migraines or chronic neck. Musculoskeletal disorders may arise. But correct measures remove the stress and muscles will be working normally.


It is a sleep disorder. Simply, lack of sleep, awake in midnight due to stressful thoughts. Several things run back of the mind when human try to sleep. But too much stress is there, they can not be sleep and overthink over a night. It affects their body.


See, how stress burns. Changes happen inside. Stress became a part of our lives. But it can be cured, in our hand. A human can handle it. Health and mind should be our priority, not stress.

Life is first, not stress”!!!

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