How computers translate human language

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We are living in a borderless world where we meet with different people, rituals, communication styles and more. Language plays a vital role in communication. It is a medium to convey your thoughts.

We don’t learn all languages. However, if it happens outside, how can you communicate? People as a guide can translate your message in different ways just like a mediator. If human trouble such issues, just going deeply, my mind questioned, how the computer performs this task?

A computer is a machine and it is made by the human brain. It is one of the innovations of technology. That is the reason we utilize computers for business-client relationships, meetings, dealing. The computer follows command codes that operate on a  binary system. The computer understands the binary form.


Machine Translation

It is a field of linguistics. It uses software to interpret and translate between languages. It enables computers to interpret, understand, and in the process translate the human language.

On a basic level, this software performs mechanical substitution of words in one language for words in other languages but rarely it generates good results.

For example, the cat is a cat in every language. However, what that cat does, what eat, where goes that means descriptive, machine translation can not necessarily differentiate between the local and cultural context of language.


Current machine translation(MT) software has improved where it more concentrates on output instead of input limit.

Artificial intelligence and machine translation are beneficial. However, it is fast and the human brain’s efficiency.

Also, most computer translation systems can translate more than one language.


In short, this software does a great thing. Without it how could we suffer in the global world?

Face to face or verbal communication can happen, it is simply possible. But when the computer performs, it is remarkable only.

Language can not be a barrier”!

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