How to grow a bone

A bone is a strong and rigid tissue that is present inside the body. It provides protection to the organs as well as to the cells inside the body. Various scientists are in trials of growing a bone outside the body.

The bone is composed of many minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Initially, the bone is made of soft cartilage tissue in the foetus. Then in these cartilage cells, there is a deposition of layers of calcium and phosphorus which is termed as ossification. After ossification process, the death of cartilage cells occurs which causes formation of gaps or pockets called as mineral lattice.

Blood vessels form a network inside these pockets and it leads to formation of osteoblasts cells in the lattice. The osteoblasts cells help in growth of bones by depositing calcium and other minerals.

These minerals then help in providing strength to the bone and a continuous recycling of the cellular mass by the help of another bone cells i.e, osteoclasts. These osteoclasts help in dissolving the excess calcium and returning it to the blood stream.

Due to various factors such as genetic or cancer like conditions, the regrowth of bones is not possible by the body as it does during a fracture. During a fracture, the body regrows the body as though it was before.

Nowadays, the regrowth of bones can be done by the help of bioreactor in which the conditions required for the growth of a natural bone inside the body are present. The bones which are formed with the help of bioreactor can be brittle and weak. So, in order to prevent that the bone is placed under pressure with the help of various fluids and also proper humidity and nutrition is required.

The growth of the bones with the help of bioreactor is performed in animals such as pigs recently. But the trials to be used in humans is also in progress and in future the bones which are grown outside the body can be placed inside the body.

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