Why do blood types matter?

Be positive! no, I want to say B+. Now you would be thinking why I am playing with the words which sounds the same. However, till yesterday I had no idea of my blood group.

I felt the necessity only when I used to write on the documents. I quickly went to the laboratory and checked,  it’s B+…

See, how careless I am! There may be few people who don’t know this important information about themselves. Why it matters? I explain to you.

Blood is a part of the body which is present inside. It is red.


Blood Types:

Blood type means classification or categories of blood.

How many blood types are present?

There are 8 blood types namely A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-.

Where, O is a universal donor.

AB is a universal receiver.

There are three conditions:

“O” blood group can help to any blood group.

“A” and “B” can help to A, B, and AB blood group.

“AB” can help to AB only.

How blood type categorized?

It is based on antigen, including Rhesus, or RH factor. The antigen is the type of protein on red blood cells. Secondly, depending on doing on the absence and presence of antibodies.

Why do blood type matter?

You cannot receive the incompatible blood at the time of emergency. Say, your friend needs a specific blood group but your blood group is different, there is no use.  Same blood group should find.

During each complication, the doctor asks for the particular blood. Before transfusion, hospital check whether it is an expected blood group or not and the donor is sick or suffering from any disease or not.


It creates a risk for that person. If different types of blood mixed, it leads to clumping of blood cells that can be potentially fatal.


During pregnancy, it is a probability that antibodies formed against certain blood group which could kill a fetus.

In some cases, it may be used to identify who the father of somebody.

Surgery Cases:

While critical surgeries, blood loss could raise. Death may happen. During the period,  self-knowledge helps us and that patient too.

Several issues can arise.

If somebody has no idea of their blood group, they randomly say anything without confirmation. This leads to a dangerous situation.


Doctors, health specialist or other are experts in this study because they watch these things nearly. It doesn’t mean it is okay for us to don’t know anything.

The human need to understand what major issues could happen if there is no awareness of it. Quickly go and check your blood group.


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