‘I Have, Who Has’ Verbs Card Game

If the root of your child’s education is strong then he will be able to catch everything very easily in the future. And as a parent, you give your child that guide so that they can learn their very first lesson of education with fun games and colorful activities.

“I Have, Who Has” Verbs Card Game

Here we bought some card games for your kids with ‘I Have, Who Has’ Verbs. We all know that verb is the main pillar of English grammar. By doing this task you can make your child’s grammar knowledge so strongly because in this way your kids will actively participate in the card game and the learning process will be easier for that.

‘I Have, Who Has’ Verbs Card:

This is the first step where you can see some cards are there with many examples of verbs. You will begin from the ‘start’. First of all taught your child the main rule of a verb like ‘have’ is used for I, we, they, and you. And ‘has’ is used for he, she, it, Ram, piya, etc.

‘I have jump’ – here ‘have’ is used because it is talking about ‘I’. Then continue the process in this way.

‘who has crawl’ – here ‘has’ is used because we don’t know the ‘who’ is indicate to whom. ( the subject is not particular)

Continue it in this way…..

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

In the next step, you will see more examples. Verb construction is very important because without that we will be not able to make a sentence correctly. So you will have to be careful during doing this task.

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

In the third step, your child will be able to understand the thing on their own.

But in this lesson, you have to take active participation so that you can explain the wrong when they facing any problem.

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

You can also notice that all the cards are making with colourful images. So that your child will not get bored and will not lose their concentration. Visualization is also taking an important role in the learning process.

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

In this task, children will not only learn the construction of the verb they will also know about many words along with. That will build their vocabulary more strong than before.

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

This is the sixth part, learn about more cards because that will clear all the doubts of your kids through practice.

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

The lesson is to continue with the seventh part with more cards game.

'I Have, Who Has' Verbs Card Game

You will see the same format with different examples. You will also clear the meaning of the sentences so that your child can completing the task without any doubts.

Hope your child will enjoy the full lesson joyfully.

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