IEO Previous Year Question Paper for Class 5 (English Olympiad 2010)


Free Download for IEO English Olympiad 2010 sample papers for Class 5 from Try to solve previous year question paper and increase your chances to qualify for 2nd level English Olympiad Exam. Remember more you practice, more marks you will get in Olympiad exam.


IEO Previous Year Question Paper for Class 5 (2010)


Fill in the blank with the correct suffix.

1. The magic_____ said Abracadabra and Gita disappeared.

A. -ian

B. -ion

C. -st


Choose the odd one out from each set of words.


A. hurry

B. trot

C. hasten



A. sparse

B. dense

C. thick



A. geese : flock

B. wolf: pack

C. fish : fins



A. thermometer : mercury

B. ruler : length

C. scale : weight


Choose the right spelling.


A. disguize

B. disguise

C. disguys


Choose the correctly spelt word that completes the sentence.

7. My BSA champ bicycle is my most_____possession.

A. valuabel

B. valueable

C. valuable


Choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined phrase or word.

8. Noddy’s car was stolen. He asked Mr. Plod to look into the matter.

A. enquire

B. investigate

C. detect


Fill in the blanks with the correct word/phrase.

9. After drinking sugarcane juice at the exhibition, Lina was_____for a week.

A. laid down

B. laid up

C. laid before


10. The questions were strange. Timon faced_____while trying to solve them.

A. obstacles

B. happiness

C. difficulties



11. The two families started fighting_______the fence.

A. and

B. because

C. yet


12. They began pulling at the book._______, the cover came off.

A. However

B. Still

C. Therefore


13. I don’t want to watch Finding Nemo. I______the movie.

A. have see

B. had seen

C. have seen


14. He______ likes Tom and Jerry. He watches it all the time.

A. really

B. completely

C. fully


Choose the part of the sentence that contains an error.

15. Gayathri, who came late (A) , / got into the class (B) / across the window (C) .


16. The new principal (A) , / drove at the street (B) / in his battered old car (C) .


17. He trying to finish (A) / the crossword puzzle (B) / in less than an hour (C) .


Given below are sets of three sentences. One in each set is incorrect. Choose the incorrect sentence.


A. Vijaya has lot of biscuits and cakes in her drawer.

B. Anuradha borrowed a few books from the library.

C. Very few children like to read ghost stories at night.


A. The play will be on Tuesday.

B. I am seeing her every day.

C. My birthday is next week.


A. My teacher always speaks in English.

B. I have studied here since two years.

C. Chinnu lived in Hyderabad for six years.



Read the stories and answer the questions that follow.

The Thief and the Bell

A man tried to steal a large bronze bell. It was too heavy to carry. He had a screwdriver, a hammer and a pair of scissors in his bag. He tried to break up the valuable bronze with a hammer. But this made such a din that the thief feared he would be heard and discovered by the authorities. So he hastily stuffed his ears with cotton.

21. The thief used_______to break the bell.

A. a pair of scissors

B. a screwdriver

C. a hammer


22. The man tried to break the bell into pieces because these are

A. easy to sell.

B. easy to carry.

C. easy to hide.


23. The thief stuffed his ears with cotton because

A. he didn’t like the noise he made.

B. he didn’t want others to hear the noise.

C. the noise was disturbing his work.


24. The thief stuffed his ears with cotton. He was being______

A. wise.

B. foolish.

C. careful.


Little Sasha and Misha the Bear

“May I go and pick mushrooms, grandma?” asked Sasha. “Yes, but don’t go too far into the forest. You may get lost.” Looking for mushrooms, Sasha wandered deep into the forest, and could not find her way back.

After a while, she saw a hut that belonged to the bear, Misha Ivanovich. Sasha told him that she was lost. “Very well then, stay here and help me,” said Misha. The bear made her work very hard. Sasha soon thought of a plan to escape. She baked some Russian cakes and asked Misha to take them to her grandparents.

“Don’t try eating any piroshky!” said Sasha. “I am going to climb a tall tree and watch you!”

When the bear wasn’t looking, Sasha hid under the piroshky in the basket. Misha picked up the basket and set off. Every time he stopped to rest and put a paw into the basket, Sasha would call out, “I can see you!” “What good eyes she has!”

Soon he reached Sasha’s grandparents’ house. “Is anyone home?” he shouted. The dogs in the village barked at him. As he ran away, Misha dropped the basket. Sasha’s grandparents saw her. They were very happy.

25. Sasha went into the forest to

A. collect firewood.

B. make piroshky.

C. collect mushrooms.


26. Sasha’s grandmother asked her not to go deep into the forest because

A. she could be eaten by bears.

B. she could lose her way.

C. she was a little girl.


27. Piroshky are

A. cakes.

B. mushroom.

C. fish.


28. Sasha escaped from the bear by

A. running away from the hut.

B. climbing up a tree.

C. hiding in the basket.


29. Sasha did not want Misha to eat any piroshky because

A. she didn’t want the bear to find her inside the basket.

B. they were a present for her grandparents.

C. she did not want to share them with him.


30. Every time Misha tried to eat piroshky, Sasha saw him because

A. she was sitting on a tall tree.

B. she was sitting under the piroshky.

C. she had very good eyesight.


31. Sasha’s grandparents were happy because

A. she had sent them piroshky.

B. the dogs had chased Misha away.

C. she had returned home safely.


32. This is a story from

A. India.

B. China.

C. Russia.



Spoken Expression

Choose the correct sentence to complete the dialogue.

33. Mother: Your dance classes begin tomorrow.

     Sonu: But I want to learn music not dance!


A. Don’t be silly, you’ll enjoy it.

B. Oh, what a pest you are!

C. Don’t start this now.

    Sonu: How would you know?


34. Rose: You’ve given me the wrong pencil. I asked for a Nataraj.


A. I’m sorry, this is a better one.

B. I’m sorry, here’s the one you want.

C. I’m sorry, I can’t give it to you.

     Rose: Thanks! How much?


35. Jai: Veeru, This is my uncle.

      Veeru: Hello uncle!

      Uncle Rao:__________

A. Hello Veeru, are you Jai’s classmate?

B. Hello Veeru, what can I do for you?

C. Hello Veeru, there’s mud on your shirt.


36. Jalal: More ice-cream?


A. No thanks, I’m full.

B. No, thanks. I’m doing well.

C. No, thanks. I’m off.

    Jalal: You sure? I’m going to eat some more.


Written Expression

Choose the sentence that completes the paragraph.

37. S1: Nitya heard a sound near her window.


      S3: Her uncle and aunt came running into the room.

A. So she hid under the blankets.

B. Then the curtains moved and she screamed.

C. Then she saw a long, white hand on the table.


38. S1: Petros the pelican found the houses in the city very beautiful.


       S3: But the harbor was even better.

A. They were bright and colourful.

B. He decided to live in one of them.

C. It was close to the harbor.


39. S1: Nikhil’s summer holidays had begun.


       S3: But his mother planned to send him to one.

A. He did not want to visit his grandparents.

B. He did not want to go for swimming lessons.

C. He did not want to attend a summer camp.


40. S1: Lions, one of the big cats found in India, are fast disappearing.


      S3: Once the king of the forest, today they need protection.

A. These majestic cats inhabited large parts of India.

B. Excessive hunting and scarcity of food have reduced their numbers.

C. Being large carnivores, they need huge spaces to roam around.


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