Butterfly Addition Activity Printable Worksheets

We have bought for your child single-digit addition worksheets that will help them understand the fundamentals of addition. Counting is a basic mathematical skill that toddlers should be able to excel at. But it may edge on boring sometimes and yet cross the line into complicated from one sum to another. A moment of lag in the kid’s attention, everything can go haywire.  These worksheets with their interactive style can be the right step in that direction in learning this operation well.


Butterfly Addition Activity Printable Worksheets

Worksheet 1

The first worksheet is meant to ease your children into the world of simple summations. It is designed to be playful in order to capture your child’s interest from the get-go. These are additions of basic digits and the answers don’t even go into the 2-digit territory. While solving this worksheet, you should guide your kid through the sums and rectify their mistakes as they are just starting out at this point.

Worksheet 2


Worksheet 3


Worksheet 4

The primary skills to learn at this point would be to count on one’s fingers and then move on to counting on one’s knuckles. These numbers do not exceed ten for a reason, which is to familiarise the kids with the process of addition without burdening them with difficult problems. This exercise is more about solidifying the base and making sure no doubt remains in a child’s mind than to get them to give objectively correct answers all the time. As parents and teachers, you should encourage them to ask questions and be patient with them through all of the silly mistakes they are bound to make.

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 6

At the end of solving this whole series of worksheets,, you should know that the work isn’t done yet. Additions require a lot of practice before young kids can master them. It is the first mathematical operation children learn, and its concept should be absolutely clear to them before they move on to a more advanced level of maths.

Download and print these worksheets for free to give your kid a head start into the world of summation.

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