Indoor Party Games for All Ages

Are you going to throw your kid’s party? Do you have your child’s birthday to organize this week or this month? or it’s only for fun? And you are quite confused about what games should be introduced to them so they get zero boredom and really enjoy there being at your home. We already know that kids nowadays are quite engaged in their or their parent’s smartphones.

Why? obviously, because the gadget is loaded with a number of fantastic games that can easily be downloaded with just a single click. But that’s not the real fun and we 90’s kids know better about this. Why not we let our children see the games we played. Just not see but live also though some moderations are allowed seeing the change in the ages. Indoor Games will be real fun when munchkins will involve themselves wholeheartedly.

We are introducing a few games that you can easily organize, that doesn’t require much of your efforts. Given below Some games are old, some are new or modern, some are tricky and some are brilliant. But each and every activity is total fun. These games will sharp their mind, their skills, their playful attitude, team spirit, it will enhance a kid’s creativity and will also give sports spirit to them. No more discussions as we already know that this is a good thing, let’s get started.


Indoor Party Games for Kids

1. Paper Boat Race

This game is interesting and is usually ideal for kids over the age of 5. This game needs only paper boats and a tub of water where boats will float. You are just required to make some paper boats and along with a straw you have to hand it over to each kid. Now kids will use this straw to blow air onto the boats and propel them forward on a plastic tub. The first kid whose boat will successfully float to the other side wins the game. Easy and interesting isn’t it?

2. Balloon Bursts

This game is for kids over the age of 4. Get ready for an ear to ear smile and a lot of gigglings. Here, In this game of Balloon Bursts, You are required to write some challenges on chits paper and put your chit papers into different colored balloons before inflating them.

The kids will have to rock the balloon in the air for as long as the music is playing in the background. After this when the music stops playing, now the child who was the last to touch the balloon has to pop it and he/she will also perform the challenge mentioned in it. The surprise is that it could be anything, really like singing, dancing, licking their elbows, writing, acting, etc.

3. Photo Scavenger Hunt

It is this type of game which can be played easily by every age of group kids and the bonus factor is it can be played anywhere. The difficulty level needs to be changed with the changing age of the children.

Young children can have easy and simple versions of this game whereas older kids can have a little more challenging version of this game. Just sketch out a map for the kids, in that you have to indicate where they may need to go and give them picture clue of what they need to find. For making it more enjoyable, keep rewards or chocolate system along with each of these clues. But if you are going to conduct this game in public space, then make sure to send an adult to protect the kids.

4. Bubble Wrap Race

This simple game is even undeniably fun for every age even for us too. It’s an appropriate game for kids over 3 years of age. This game needs some space and a lot of bubble wrap. Roll out a large big sheet of bubble wrap on the ground in an open space. Now simply instruct the kids to cross over the bubble wrap without popping any of the bubbles in there. The kid who crosses without creating any noise or popping any bubble wins the game. The rule is simple and the process is funny.

5. Prize Walk

This game is obviously similar to the cakewalk and is perfectly okay for the kids between the age of 2 to 4 years. Write numbers from 1 to 30 on a square chart and stick them on the ground, within a circle. Now you have to make smaller chits with the exact numbers you used before and then shuffle them up in a basket.

Play some music any of their likes and let the children walk around the circle freely. Instruct them to stand on a number when the music stops playing. If their number is picked up from the basket, they will be given a prize. Now the game can continue for a set number of rounds.

6. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game can never get old. It’s still amazing for all of us. It can be played by any age group pf kids easily without much arrangement. Put up a picture of a donkey where he is without a tail means the picture is incomplete without a tail. Now ask all of your children to line up some distance away from the picture and give them each tail with their names written on it.

Now, blindfold each of the kids and point them in the direction of the picture. Ask them on their own basis to pin the tail as accurately as possible on the donkey’s picture. The kid who pinned the tail closest to the donkey wins. Easy and interesting.

7. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs. Have you ever heard about it before somewhere? Oh, you have played even, silly me. Obviously. This is a popular game of every year.  It will consume a room only you can play it in a hall, garden or park. Place the chairs with the seat facing out in the form of a circle or the rectangle.

The total number of chairs should be less than the total number of kids playing. Turn good music on, they can dance too and ask them to run around the circle. When the music stops, Every child has to find a chair to sit on those who fail will be out of the game, and in the same way, the game continues till a kid wins. You can restart the game again and join them too.

8. Balloon Pop

Actually, all of the games are for all ages. Like most of the given here, this game can also be played by kids and the adults too who are attending parties. Use strings and tie inflated balloons to the ankle of every player. Now hit the music and allow the entire party to have fun by dancing in their own way.

The moment the music stops, the fun begins. They have to try to pop the balloon of the person next to them standing there. Not only you have to stomp another’s balloon but also you have to keep your balloon safe. The person whose balloon is burst will be out of the game. The last person standing there with the last balloon will be declared as the winner of the game.

9. Passing the Parcel

If you are looking for an indoor game during the rainy season then this game is awesome for your kid’s party. This game has been passed on for generations like musical chairs itself. You must have played this in your childhood too. Tell the children to quietly sit in a circle position and give them a pillow or a softball only one to be used as the parcel. The objective of this game is to pass on the parcel to the next person seated to them as soon as possible.

Now play their favorite song and instruct the kids that as long as it plays, they will continue passing the parcel and the kid who has the parcel with him/her when the music stops will have to entertain the group by performing a dance or they have to sing.

10. Carrying Marbles with a Spoon

Introduce some competitive games too, with this version of lemon and spoon game. Place two tables at some distance apart and keep several bowls with marbles on a table. There has to be another table also with empty bowls. The kids must transfer the marble to the empty bowl. And to complete this procedure they have to hold the spoons in their mouth and balance the marble on the spoon so it does not fall on the ground.

They have to take it to the other table. The kids who will be able to transfer the most of marbles will win this game. This game is of balancing and posture, not only fun but also the will be able to learn something about themselves.

11. Minute to Win it

This game is basically based on a hit show of the same name, where the players are required to finish a series of challenges and the catch is that within a minute you are required to complete each one. You can alter make or modify tasks as per the age of the kids and in the end, you have to watch as each of them tries their hardest to win. The process to play this game is in this way- Stack a few tables together and set up a distinguished task on each table.

You can get very creative with the tasks but keep in mind about the age group pf the kids. Some games can be like Cookie Face where the kids must place a cookie on their forehead and without using their hands they have to eat in a minute like this another game is also available to name- Suck it up, etc. Divide the kids into different teams you can name teams also, one team will perform at a time. Each kid will be assigned a task that must be completed by them in a minute. The team who took the least time to finish the game wins ultimately.

12. Escape the monster

This game is exciting for the kids above the age of three years and also it involves every player, until the absolute end of the game. Be prepared because this game requires a lot of space. Ask the kids to spread around and choose one kid to play the role of a monster. The sole objective of every kid is to not get caught by the monster. If they get caught they turn into a monster too. Kids who are caught will also start playing like a monster and catch other kids until the last kid remains. He/she will be declared the winner of the game who doesn’t get caught.

13. Obstacle Course

This game named Obstacle Course is indeed great for kids of various ages, any kid can get involved in this game. And also one advantage of this activity is that it can be set up easily with household items. But All this indoor game needs you to have is enough space to evenly spread out an engaging obstacle course.

Assuming that the ground is the river and just put or throw softly the items like pillows, mats, and chairs around it, make a path like with these products where children can walk on, on this item they will step up and also with this they reach the end. In between all these, kids will be required to ensure that they do not step into the river.

The kid that completes this obstacle course, without stepping into the river, clearly he/she wins the game. And if the kids involved in this game are older then you can set more challenging obstacles to make this game more fun.

14. Bowling Alley

Who’s not into the game that involves knocking things down? This game simply recreates a simple version of a bowling alley for the kids. You will use just household items available within the house. Alternatively, you can also buy bowling playset. Basically, you are required to Use tape to create a bowling lane that measures two feet in width and approximately five feet in length.

You can change or modify the measurements based on the age of the kids attending your party. Now, you can arrange the pins or some same sized bottles or cans on one end of the lane that you have created. The most interesting part, place some throwing balls or kid-sized bowling balls on the other end. Now make your kids understand that they will need to roll the ball so that it hits the pins. That kid who makes the highest number of pins fall wins the game.

We have discussed indoor games that are fun to play and also not many things are required to organize these games that can easily be played in the kid’s party. We hope you, like it. Make modifications, alterations, additions, subtractions anything as per your, like. But make it happen.

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