10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give A Smartphone to Your Kids

How many of you have already given smartphones to your kids? And if you haven’t for how much time do you hand over your phone to them? These questions are important to be asked, don’t feel interrogated. We as an adult already have this knowledge of how excessive use of smartphones can disturb us from inside even without giving us a hint.

In the same way, your child is too precious to have exposure to these technologies. I am not telling you to stop suddenly giving your phone to kids, and making them curious with the sudden change in behaviour, it’s just about how much. You should just be strict when it comes to excessive use of these gadgets.


Why You Shouldn’t Give A Smartphone to Your Kids

1. Limits the creative mind

You must have heard that 90% of a child’s brain develops by age 5. And continuously scrolling down and searching for everything on the net weakens the power of not their memory but also limits kids’ creativity. It stops them from thinking beyond and there is one thought that unconsciously develops in them saying ‘why thinking or learning or pondering over anything when you have it on the net already’ this is how it restricts our mind to go beyond anything. Kids should always have a strong imagination that allows them to create their own land. But unfortunately without even knocking, smartphones are making our kids a little dull when it’s not used for learning or for rightful things.

2. It messes up with learning ability

Short memory haven’t you faced these things more these days? Our memory is weakening like we are facing problems related to recognizing something being said to us or we were required to do some work but suddenly we forgot or we wanted to discuss something but we out of nothing forgot the main topic.

Most of the time these things are natural but if these things happen more often then my friend your mind is a little messed. These things get better with strengthing concentration power, one can improve these issues with yoga or mediation. But you can not suggest a kid to regularly do meditation or yoga when they are using cellphones beyond a limit. These things mostly happen because we are lost in the world of mobile phones which makes us carefree. For kids learning ability has to be strong.

3. An addiction

Haven’t you seen people fighting over the phone? Or just the topic of ‘limited use of device’ makes them irritated and frustrated. Well, this happens but these are not good. Every smartphone is creating an addiction and it has started to grow up in toddlers too. That’s why limited or no use of phones under a certain age has become necessary. And even after that, there must be certain regulations, restrictions on what they can search or see. It has to be healthy for their mind.

Kids should properly be trained by their parents about not only smartphones but also other devices like computers or tablets. It’s for their own good. The addiction has to stop or go because kids must have an addiction to playing games and learning new activities, imagining, and living their childhood.

4. Eye problems

It’s known to all. Harmful rays, not appropriate distance from the screen, and excessive use of smartphones lead to kids wearing thick glasses at an early age, which any parents or guardian don’t want. And there is only one cure, limit the use or train them well what distance is required to be kept and for how many hours they are permitted to use the gadget. At least a few restrictions can secure them from wearing thick glasses which is what we don’t want.

5. Causes irritational behaviour

Kids become impatient, less mannered, frustrated, less participating, and it leads them to change behaviour which is unlovely. We don’t want our kids to throw unpleasant tantrums anywhere.

6. Obesity

Just sitting at a place and not moving at all from day to night. It causes obesity. Obesity causes strange changes in behaviour too. kids should always be flexible, ready to go, play, and having fun. All the kids must gather together to have some beautiful conversations, play games, and helping each other out. These things never cause them to have boredom or they never get unwanted obesity which makes them lazy, unproductive, less friendly, and unsocial.

7. It reduces sensitivity to violence

These days unlimited videos are being uploaded on the internet and many of them can influence kids badly. Like it can make them insensitive towards violence. If they get okay with these clips, they may try to pull some same stunt and get into trouble. That’s why many websites or videos making platforms asks for filters or parents’ guide. So that kids get to see only the stuff they should see. Parents are required to be fully aware of the facilities available and what they can do about it.

8. Kids would feel sleeping problems

Insomnia, how many of you are already suffering from this? Feeling difficulty in falling asleep. Now this problem can be seen in children. Insomnia leads to many problems like memory weakening, feeling frustrated, learning problems, feeling tired most of the time, not active, and disturbed routine.

Your kid may feel this problem if he/she is continuously using mobile phones. But this isn’t a nice thing. The whole schedule shouldn’t be disturbed not only kids but also adults should use mobile phones cautiously and only when needed.

9. Weakens parent-child relation

Mobile phones can affect also relationships. Your kid may not listen to you and he/she may not pay attention to your thoughts too. Smartphones have so many features that a kid can find a whole new world in it. But being lost in that doesn’t do any good to them.

10. Shyness or anxiety from Society

Awkwardness and shyness can be seen generally in modern kids where they feel hesitation before talking to each other. This social awkwardness doesn’t let the kids put their views, thoughts, and doesn’t even let them play. Kids don’t even feel like playing together because they have got so many games installed on their devices.

For the proper growth of mind and physical fitness, they must go on the ground or in their backyard to play games like football, basketball, gardening, etc. So that their mind and the body both remain fit and fine.

The conclusion is simple, kids should be aware of the benefits as well as disadvantages but that’s too not possible because kids are kids, they won’t take care of it. So it’s their parent’s responsibility to pay attention that their kids are not involved with their smartphones for long.  As you have seen the disturbances above that it causes.

So please pay attention and let your kids put their thoughts on paper, field, and in between their friends not only on smartphones. Proper Combinations or ratios should be formed and then this way, It will not make them dull or weak but smart and strong.

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