Match Picture to Word Worksheets for Grade 1

Young minds are highly curious and perceptive – kids are keen on learning about things around them. An important aspect of early learning is teaching children how to express themselves.

A robust vocabulary is a key to being able to verbalize and communicate with people. But the value of a broad vocabulary is beyond just that – it has been directly related to better performance in school, vast knowledge of words allows children to read and learn more information and helps them pick up reading faster.

But mindlessly learning words from a list is no fun, is it?

Well, we have the perfect alternative! These worksheets are a fun and interactive way for children to learn new words and expand their word library. The task here is simple – match the correct word to the picture depicted. This provides children with the opportunity to learn new words and their meanings all through visual representation making it easier for them to recall the word in the future.

Match Picture to Word Worksheets

This is the first worksheet depicting common and familiar images. Match the word to the correct image.

This is the second worksheet. While matching the words to the images, sound the words out loud to understand the pronunciation of the word.

Bright and colourful pictures help engage children and keep them motivated in any activity.

While most kids have seen these picture multiple times, either on the wall of the classroom or in their books, they may not necessarily know the word for them. So, this is a great way for them to learn new words.

Matching words is a fun and unique alternative to learning than simply memorizing words and their meanings. Visual representation is a great way to understand new things and greatly helps children improve their memory.

This is the sixth worksheet of the set. A great way to motivate children is to set a time limit for finishing a task – it pushes them to concentrate and work harder.

As children at this point already know the alphabet and how to write, they can also practice how to write each word along the way as they match it to the images.

Familiar words are used in this exercise as reliability helps children better associate with what they’re learning and feel comfortable.

Children are quick to get distracted by fun and colourful images. So make sure they are focussed on the task at hand.

Give your child or student a few worksheets to solve every week – with or without a time limit. Regular practice will help them learn and grow.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download, print and get started today!

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