‘Match the Beginning Sound’ Phonics Worksheets for Kindergarten

Every Child starts their learning from the house. And parents are helping them in their learning process. And Kindergarten is a very first stage for every child in their learning process. So today we have some easy as well as playful worksheets which will help your kids to know about many words with relevant images.

In this busy world, everyone is busy with their work but your kids depend on you so it is your responsibility to make their learning process easier so that they can learn by enjoying it.

Beginning Sound Matching Practice Worksheets

All the worksheets are made alphabetically, this is the first worksheet where you can see on the left-hand, row-wise the beginning letter of every word are there. and on the right hand, the relevant pictures of words are present.

So draw lines to matching the pictures and their beginning sounds.

Let’s try the first one.

This is the second worksheet. After completing the first one, it will easier for your kids to understand the task. We make all the alphabets and pictures colorful So that your child does not feel bored. It will help your kids learn all the things with focus.

In this third worksheet, you can see more other words related to alphabets and pictures. After the second worksheet, the next 5 alphabets(K, L, M, N, O) are here. Complete it with your kids to build their vocabulary more strong.

This is the fourth worksheet with the same format. The pictures of the worksheet will make this task more enjoyable because visualization is very important for children in their learning process, it attracts them most.

If your children facing any problems while doing it, as a guide you can explain the mistake.

This is the last worksheet with the last five alphabets of English. After completing many worksheets your kids will understand the task clearly. So they will have no doubt about it if they have then we can explain the wrong.

So here you have all the worksheets. This lesson will so much helpful for your kids without feeling bore. As we know children are very curious and most of the time they are engaging themselves with many surrounding things, complete the whole task so that your child learns something new and does not forget it too soon.

So don’t waste any further time, start today because it will be beneficial for your kids.

You can print all the worksheets so that your kids can practice it further.

Hope your child will enjoy this task joyfully.

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