More or Less Objects Worksheets for Kindergarten

Are you looking for interactive and fun worksheets to teach basic math to your preschooler? This free printable more or less worksheet is designed for the kindergarten kids which will help them to learn the concept of more than/less than and counting.

More or less object worksheets for kindergarten kids are designed with an aim of developing their subject knowledge of elementary maths, comparing numbers, counting numbers, and improving their decision-making power. Students can create groups with more (or fewer) objects with the groups illustrated in these free kindergarten math worksheets. Numbers are not used in these worksheets. The main goal is to re-emphasize the meanings of the words “more” and “less”. These free printable worksheets assist children in learning concepts such as more, less, greatest, least, and numerical ordering. More than / less than / equal to symbols (>, <, =) are also introduced. These are comparative worksheets.


What does this worksheet include?

In the given free printable more or fewer objects worksheet for kindergarten kids, the elementary topics of object comparison are included to teach the kindergarten kids about numeracy skills at an early age which is a foundation for their learning. These interactive and comparative worksheets are divided into 5 different sheets. It develops the problem-solving ability in kindergarten kids and their identification power becomes strong. Two major points covered are:-

  • Comparing Numbers – state if one number is bigger than, less than, or equal to another (>, <, =).
  • Marking the group with the most or least objects with a tick or a circle.

You’ll learn:

These more or fewer worksheets are free printables. They are very effective and useful for the conceptual clearance of kindergarten kids. It helps them to understand the numerical concepts in a better way with the parallel development of their analytical skills. These free printable more or fewer worksheets will help them to learn to reach a conclusion and their decision-making power will get a boost. Also, these are comparative and interactive worksheets, as a result of which, kids will learn the relationship between numbers and quantities which helps in everyday life activities.

Instruction to use this worksheet

It is important to teach kids the notion of more or less so that they can compare the number of items and determine which is more and which is less which is the main purpose of these free printable worksheets. More or fewer concepts may be taught to children with autism, using toys, appealing objects, fruits, vegetables, and other items rather than just words.

Prerequisites for learning the concept of more or less:

  • Tolerance for sitting Eye contact
  • Concentration and attention
  • Numbers identification
  • Sequencing of numbers
  • Counting things
  • Matching abilities — the ability to match, the numbers to quantities.

More or less objects Worksheets for Kindergarten

Download worksheet pdf

More or Less/Fewer Objects Worksheet:1

More or Less/Fewer Objects Worksheet:2

More or Less/Fewer Objects Worksheet:3

More or Less/Fewer Objects Worksheet:4

More or Less/Fewer Objects Worksheet:5

These free printable more or less worksheets for kindergarten kids will be more effective when it is practiced regularly or given to them as a test. So, grab them and get started with the fun learning of your child.

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