Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

As Christmas is approaching, it is quite obvious that you might want to teach your children about the manifold of the festival we celebrate, by letting them explore their details. It is important for a child, to get acquainted with our age-old traditions, the reasons we solemnize these days and learn about the diversity in culture that exists in this world.

These worksheets will serve as a great resource to unlock the potential quest to different festivals and learn about them.


What does this worksheet include?

We have provided here a wide collection of worksheets.  You can print these worksheets at home and then use them, for the child’s practice according to the child’s mood and comfort. These worksheets would provide your kids with hands-on experience on the festive words, visibly developing a better understanding and improving their speaking skills.

You’ll Learn:

There are no such must-have prerequisites for learning holiday words and phrases. All we expect is that the child will be able to read and write English words fluently. This worksheet behaves as a prerequisite for learning new words. Learning about different cultures around the world is important for children, to learn about people around them. Having these basic ideas about different festivals would surely give a head-start. These worksheets will let you tighten your grip and knowledge in regards to festivals, unifying all people together, and how they are of paramount value to each individual’s life.

Instructions to use this worksheet:

Before starting with these worksheets, you must know why learning these words is important for you. According to research, it is proven to be beneficial to know why you are learning something before actually learning it.

We have provided a good collection of the worksheets here, which we advise you to use and solve on the daily basis. Solving them in one go is perhaps not the best learning solution if you forget the words, and what they are relating to after a while. Regularly practicing would remove this risk of forgetting and improve your vocabulary gradually.

At last, there are some word search puzzles given to test the words you have learned. You can use these worksheets, at last, to test what you learn.

List of ‘Holiday’ related words for kids

There are many holiday-related words out there which you can learn to increase your vocabulary. As December approaches, bringing Christmas near to us, Let us start with the words related to Christmas first.

Words like reindeer, fruit cakes, ribbon, decoration, scarf, sleigh, and snow-skating come to our minds whenever we think of Christmas.

Similarly, if we think about July 4th, words like a flag, hoist, tribute, martyrs, and independence come to our minds.

In this way, you can relate different words to different festivals, and teach them. Holidays are all about food, family, festive mood, celebration, and the reason behind why friends and family come together. Each holiday, whether gazetted or national has a hidden significance of its own. These worksheets will therefore help us in making a child identify, remember, and realize the worth of those holidays. By imprinting images, symbols, and signs in a kid’s mind, why do we celebrate them each year!

Activities to boost vocabulary of kids

Kindergartners’ age varies from three to five. And it is scientifically proven that children in this age span tend to learn faster as compared to the older first-time learners. Hence, it becomes easier to teach kindergartners new words to add to their lexical diary. Having new and good words in your vocabulary always helps in improving the quality of your conversation while it will also help in making your speaking skills better.

There are many ways to ameliorate your vocabulary. Reading books are one the most terrific way to get a new collection of words for your daily use.                                                                               

Reading non-fiction books or informational documentary books would prove to be a treasure chest to a rich collection of new words. Watching different movies or documentaries also help in this matter.

The worksheets provided here are also one of the best resources out there which will surely help to enrich your vocabulary and also help to learn a lot about the world’s different cultures.

Encouraging children in their learning period helps a lot in learning new things, motivation is important for children at that age span. And it is more important than the motivation source should be you.

Target the thing they are spending their time the most with. Everyday conversation is something like that. Running the new words in your house will help them to get accustomed to the usage of the words and will also help them to actively learn new words.

One of the best methods of learning new words is exploring them every day. You can ask your children to come up with one word from the dictionary, write its meaning, and frame a sentence using that word. Doing this activity regularly will surely enlarge their vocabulary.

Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

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  Holiday Words Practice Worksheet:1

Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

    Holiday Words Practice Worksheet:2

Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

    Holiday Words Practice Worksheet:3

Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

    Holiday Words Practice Worksheet:4

Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

    Holiday Words Practice Worksheet:5

Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

    Holiday Words Practice Worksheet:6


Holiday Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten


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