Popular Festivals Around the World

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Travelling is one of the most interesting and adventurous parts of a person’s life. And what makes it more special is the culture and festivals of different countries. There are so many different things a festival holds whether it’s joy, traditions, authenticity, and many more treasures. Festivals are celebrated with the purpose to secure the heritage and rituals of that place. While traveling, participating in festivals is the easiest and most fun way to explore a foreign culture.

Festivals allow the person to enjoy the different customs and rituals of different countries, also who forget about the beautiful costumes and authentic styles a festival holds. Festivals are the greatest way to enjoy themselves with the residents of that country and explore their culture. There are so many crazy festivals that we can’t imagine like food fights and lantern festivals are something one should experience in their lifetime as these festivals are incredible to witness. If we talk about the flower festival of china or the lantern festival of Chiang Mai or moon parties in Greece, every festival is pretty amazing in its own way.

Here are some of the top festivals around the globe that are worth celebrating and experiencing during a trip.


Popular festivals around the globe

Songkran Festival, Thailand

This festival is celebrated to celebrate the Buddhist new year. This festival occurs in mid-April. Parades, dance performances, and enlightening markets are part of this festival, but the main attraction is the “water fight”.On this day the paintings of Lord¬† Buddha are washed with water.

The entire community hit the street to celebrate this day with buckets, balloons, and pistols filled with water to hurl at each other. The refreshing water removes the dryness and heat of April’s hot weather.

Obon Festival, Japan

This festival is more than 500 years old as the people of japan commemorated their ancestors on the occasion of Obon. Obon is a three-day festival that is celebrated mainly in august. To celebrate this festival people of japan prepare Bon Odori folk dances, and seasonal cuisines, and light a bonfire.

On this day people of japan visit their relatives’ graves and offer food to temples and shrines. At the end of the three-day festival, communities gather around lakes and rivers to float paper lanterns. It is assumed that these paper lanterns will guide their relatives back to the spirit world.

Diwali, India

Diwali is a festival of lights, joy, and happiness. This day is remarked as the day of victory of good over evil and light over darkness. This festival is celebrated in mid-October or mid-November by all the religions across India. On this day people offer gifts and sweets to their loved ones.

People decorate their houses and shops with different kinds of lanterns and earthenware lamps called “diyas”. People worship lord Ram and goddess Laxmi for good health and prosperity. Various kinds of fireworks take place during the night.

Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico

This festival is also known as the “Day of the dead”. People celebrate this day to remember their lost relatives. This festival is celebrated from 31st October to 2nd November. Various Ofrendas are constructed across the street to offer homage to lost relatives. These are decorated with marigolds, pumpkins and squashes, candles, and sugar skulls. Ofrandas are places as a symbol to welcome dead relatives to their homes. In the evening families appeared at the graveside of their relatives, but the atmosphere is far different from the funeral as they Play music, offer different cuisines, and sometimes even roving mariachi bands.

Tsechus, Bhutan

It is a festival of religious dance and an important part of Bhutanese culture, which takes place everywhere, no matter if it is a small isolated village or the country’s largest monasteries. The dance ritual performed by the monks is famous all over the world and people specially visit Bhutan to see the monks performing dance on the drumbeats in bright costumes.

Venice Carnival And The Regata Storica, Italy

This festival is especially famous for its costumes and decorated masks. The carnival includes parades, live performances, and music around Saint Mark’s square. Gondola and boat parades are also visible along the Grand Canal. Regata Storica is one of the most famous and centuries-old celebrations of rowing, which is celebrated in Venice on the first Sunday of September.

Cannes Film Festival, France

This festival is a special attraction for all the people who love the charismatic glamour of the film industry or its celebrities. Cannes is a place for people who are enthralled by the creativity and storytelling of the film industry. This festival is celebrated in the month of May. The Cannes film festival is about finding new talents and providing a showcase for them.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

This warming winter festival is filled with so many beautiful creativities with ice cubes. Visitors visit this place to get the winter chills with a mixture of festival vibes. Night parades are a special attraction led by a cheerful mascot Bonhomme whose ice palace works as a focal point for the festivities. Ice canoe races and ice skating along the Saint Lawrence River is the main attraction of the festival.

This festival is also filled with live music, performances, delicious street food, and warm terraces where you can enjoy your hot chocolate with your family.

Snow And Ice Festival, China

This festival is celebrated at Harbin. During this festival, Harbin is converted into a winter wonderland, with eye fascinating sculptures throughout the city streets which are adorned with lights and lasers. This festival draws the attention of thousands of artists as this festival is filled with creativity and art. The main attraction of this festival is the “Ice Lantern art fair”.

Rio Carnival, Brazil

This is a week-long festival in Brazil. Rio is one of the most famous festivals all over the world, and to celebrate this festival over two million people come on the street. This is one of the biggest carnivals in the world. This carnival is loaded with parties, parades, and live performances. The bright and colorful costumes make this carnival more fun and enjoyable.

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