Sight Words Worksheets for Preschoolers

Sight words are the words that are meant to be recognized instantly. Students should work hard to recognize these sight words. It increases their capability to understand English Comprehension. It also increases their reading capability. Examples of some sight words are: what. the, an, which, they, where , is, in, go, it, because, before, after, again etc..

Tips for Teaching Sight Words

  • Use colour scheme for sight words.
  • Kids love to play with the colours .
  • Their brain will catch the different colours and thus will help the kid to recognize them instantly.
  • We can use bulletin boards everywhere so that wherever the kids run he gets in sight of the sight words.
  • Help the children to form a sentence using sight words,
  • This will make them learn faster and better.
  • Make the children to write those sentences that they framed using sight words.
  • Writing will help the children to memorize the sight words faster.
  • Make them write at least 10 sight words a day.
  • Tell the kid to point his/her finger and then spell a word.
  • Try to play games with the students using sight words, and tell them if they win they will receive prizes. Listening to this the student will actively participate in the activity.
  • You can also make them play Spot the word. In this write some words on different colourful papers and ask to find out a specific sight word.
  • You can also try out the method of story telling. Kids will hear the story with interest and will learn faster.
  • Sight words are very useful in making the children learn different spellings and to develop their reading skills.
  • Don’t let your kid to mug up all the sight words in one go.
  • Try to break and make them learn.
  • As you can tell them to learn 10 sight words at a day.
  • And then after 2 days you can tell them to tell you the 1st ten without looking on anything.
  • This way all the sight words will shift from the temporary memory to the permanent memory of the children.
  • Don’t hurry up. As a Parent or a Teacher it’s your duty to not just hurry up.
  • If a child is getting confused be patient. This will help your child to not lose confidence.
  • Remember the fact that ‘ Slow and Steady wins the race.’

Sight Words Worksheets for Preschoolers

  1. a
  2. i
  3. my
  4. go
  5. it
  6. we
  7. is
  8. to
  9. up
  10. in
  11. me
  12. can
  13. run
  14. for
  15. the
  16. not
  17. big
  18. and
  19. see
  20. you
  21. jump
  22. come
  23. here
  24. blue
  25. said
  26. play
  27. away
  28. make
  29. find
  30. down
  31. where

Hope you liked these worksheets. Please check our collection of worksheets and do let us know your feedback for the same in the comment section. Have a Nice Day!

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