Valentine Coloring Printable Worksheets

Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Sheets for Children. Scroll down the page to see all of our selected printables for Valentine’s day. If you’re looking for a lovely project to do with your children this Valentine’s Day, these Valentines coloring pages are perfect for you.

Valentine’s Day is famously celebrated on 14 February. The day is celebrated by exchanging and gifting essence such as candies, flowers and more. Let’s dig in deeper and understand how the beautiful day actually comes to be.


History Of Valentine’s Day

There are two theories that were proposed for Valentine’s Day.

First theory

According to Catholic Church, there were three different saints at the least who were named Valentine or Valentinus, every one of them were martyred. A legend has established that Valentine was a known priest who used to serve during the third century in Rome. During that period, Emperor Claudius 2 proposed that single men ought to be better soldiers than those with families which is why he outlawed marriage for young men.

Valentine thought it was unnecessary and unfair and so he continued performing marriage for all the
young lovers out there. Claudius 2 discovered and had Valentine put to death. While others suggested that the true namesake of the holiday was the Saint Valentine of Terni who was indeed a bishop.

Second theory

The other story suggests that the death of Valentine would have been influenced for his attempt of helping the Christians to escape the ruthless Roman prisons. In such prisons, they were treated very
poorly and were beaten very harshly.
Other legend defines that an imprisoned Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailor and he sent his first ‘valentine’ greeting to that girl. Not just that, it is famously believed that just before his death, he sent out a letter with words ‘From your Valentine’.

These all stories conclude that Valentine was a symbol of sympathy and romance. This is one of many reasons why Valentine became the most renowned saint in both England and France.

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Valentine Coloring printable worksheets


We have brought you a combination of Valentine Coloring printable worksheets that will help your kid in understanding the concept behind Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day is celebrated all over the world on Feb 14 where people celebrate their emotions for other people who mean to them. You can guide your kid on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to make your job easier we have brought you a compilation of worksheets that are Valentine’s Day oriented. So, let’s get started.

1- A Valentine Cloud

The first worksheet is of a cloud with the hearts hanging from it. It is a beautiful worksheet that you can provide your kid to color. Since, it is a cloud; it will be pretty much easy for your kid to color the worksheet if he or she is a beginner.

2- A Valentine box gift

The second worksheet has a valentine gift which people often share with their favorite people on Valentine’s Day to show them that they care and love them. You can help your kid understand the same by seeking the help of the above worksheet.

3- A Valentine box

It is a Valentine box in the worksheet of the Valentine coloring printable worksheets. It is a basic Valentine worksheet so any kid who is 8 year old and above can easily color this. If they face a problem, make sure you assist them likewise.

4- Adorable hearts

In the above worksheet, all that is there is just hearts. Any kid who is 7 year old and above can easily color this. It is a worksheet so your kid should be able to easily color this. You can use this worksheet to explain the association of hearts and love.

5- A Valentine string heart

Of the entire given Valentine coloring printable worksheet, this is the easiest one where there is a medium size heart with dotted strings attached to it. Any kid who is 8 year old and above can easily color this .

6- Star with hearts in the edges

In the next worksheet, there is a giant star that has hearts on each edge. This is a very fun worksheet and any kid who is 8 year old and above can color this. Make sure you play your part by helping your kid to color.

7- Valentine bag

It is a valentine bag with a heart shaped in the middle. Since you can see that the heart is already colored in the worksheet, all your kid has to color is the bag. Like all other worksheets, it is easy to color.

8- A beautiful heart in the shape of apple

It is more of a heart and less of an apple. It is a very beautiful worksheet that your kid will enjoy coloring. Make sure you are teaching them all about Valentine Day and its essence while they are having fun in coloring the apple.

9- Heart flower for Valentine

In the next worksheet you will discover a heart shaped flower that has a pair of leaves on either of its side. Likewise a flower, it is in heart shaped which your kid has to color. If your kid has colored a flower before, it should be easy but even if he did not color, make sure you assist them on the same.

10- Hearts embedded in a string

This is a very adorable worksheet where the kid has to color the number of hearts that are embedded in the string. It is a very basic coloring worksheet. Any kid who is 7 year old and above can color this.

11- Heart bulb for Valentine

The following worksheet is that of a heart shaped bulb which is another symbolism of love that is further associated with Valentine’s Day. Since it is a combination of bulb and heart shape, coloring this will not be very difficult.

12- Heart shaped balloon

This is a simple worksheet where there is an adorable heart shaped balloon along with a string attached to it. Any kid who is 6 year old and above can color this. So, make sure you guide your kid and help them in coloring the worksheet.

13- Heart shaped plant in a vase

In the next valentine coloring worksheet you will get a pair of plants where instead of hearts there are hearts. This pair of hearts is in a vase. Any kid who has a coloring and drawing skill can color this without inviting many problems.

14- Valentine’s heart worksheet

The next worksheet is that of a Valentine heart. It’s a simple worksheet so if your kid is 8 year old and above, he can easily color this and it will not create much confusion. The worksheet has a single

15- A simple heart shaped single flower

This worksheet has a single flower with a vase. In this worksheet, instead of a flower there is a heart which resonates that if love is expressed and reciprocated with the same energy it will bloom like a flower. So, help your kid understand with the help of this worksheet.

16- An adorable pair of birds with hearts all around

The next worksheet is of a pair of birds with hearts flouring between them showing the love they have for each other. You can use this worksheet to explain about the concept of love and how it is associated with Valentine’s Day to your kid.

17- A vase filled with hearts

The last coloring worksheet is of a simple vase where there are little hearts that have filled the vase. If your kid is 10 year old and above, they can easily color this. So, hand over your kid their favorite colors and guide them to color it.

These are all the worksheets that we have summed up for you. These worksheets will be a fun activity for your kids while they learn about Valentine’s Day and how to celebrate them. Now that you have all the information that you need, you are all set to explain your kid all about Valentine.

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