Sleep: Why We Need It and What Happens Without It

Hello people! I hope you doing well. Today I am going to remind something.

See, your parent always keep eye on us and advice or shout, “keep that phone away chotu, sleep on time. Eyes would get damage”.Familiar?

Why I am telling this because I observed that we simply ignore their words but it is essential to understand what happens when we take it granted.

As like food, sleep is also our necessity. Healthy mind comes from enough sleep. Let’s see what it is.


What is a sleep?

Sleep is an activity, mental state. The main function of the body to get rid of daily physical and mental stress.

Why do we need a sleep?

It is a human tendency. Without the need of anything, we don’t understand their importance. Following points would clear.

Healthy Routine:

If you take enough sleep, then morning would be fresh. Fresh air and mind help us in daily chores. It saves time and reduces workload too.

Increases Productivity:

Office employees, school and college student, all respected women have a fast busy schedule. Office employees have to catch trains, kids attend school and tuitions.

Woman have to set her house tasks. Means, your brain works for a long period.

Concentration, productivity and performance for the better result depend on asleep.

Sports Performance:

Longer sleep improves the sportsmanship, accuracy, speed, focus and timing.

Immunity Booster:

Your body gets to suffer from several health issues. If you feel minor cold or sneezing, then 8 hours sleep encourage you to get back.

Easy To Remember:

Your grasping power can increase due to good sleep. You can recharge a memory. Sharp mind comes from better sleep.

What happens without a sleep?

Weight Gain:

Lack of sleep causes weight gain or obesity. It imbalances your health. Less than 6 hours of sleep each night gain more weight.

Accident Case:

You will meet with an accident if you are taking less than 6 hours of sleep. Mostly shift workers, truck drivers have to take care of it due to tired eyes and body.

Skin Issues:

How they affect the skin? Lack of sleep can cause skin. Pimples, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin colour are problematic. Skin get dullness and you may look alike aged person.


If the brain does not get asleep, then how to start the function? When we feel hungry, only food can calm you.

Similarly, asleep required for keeping a lot of information. Otherwise, it creates complexion. It slows down your learning ability.


Kids or adults, now you have reached with the fact of sleep. It is the individual’s responsibility to understand and take actions over it.

Kids or adults, now you have reached with the fact of sleep. It is the individual’s responsibility to understand and take actions over it.

“Don’t skip your sleep” !!!

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