Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids

In this edition, we have brought some worksheets that are going to help your child learn about nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives.  This worksheet will help your kids to memorize new words correlated to each other like happy, sad, fast, school, etc. These worksheets are easy to understand and if you want, they can be printed out as well.

Word Sorting Practice Worksheets

The first worksheet will ask the child to move the words given into the correct boxes for nouns, adjectives, and verbs. And then using those words, create a new sentence. It can be a little tricky for the child to understand what these things actually mean, but once he does, it will be a piece of cake for him.  It is perfect for children who have started to go to school.

Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids

The second worksheet will work on words like green, hot, happy, listen, etc. Once the child knows what each word stands for, he’ll easily put them into the boxes. As a parent, it is important to not let your child break concentration, because these are some of the most important concepts of the English Language.

Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids


Creating a sentence out of these jumbled words is never going to be easy. This is where the child needs help, the parents need to help them with these worksheets and analyze how the kid approaches these words, it is very important to help children in introducing the basic concepts and to develop their intellectual abilities.

Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids

This fourth worksheet is the same as the above ones. It has words like a bow, pan, square, large, etc. Some of them are even repeated from the above worksheets. So, in a way, the kid’s memory skills can be tested with ease. As parents, the kid needs to be looked at, so, this is a basic level worksheet and leads the kid if they make a mistake.

Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids

The fifth worksheet has new words like a drink, dance, modern, etc. Help the kid understand the concepts and then make him finish the task. When the first few worksheets are completed then the rest will be done in the same manner.  The parents can even get a print of the worksheet if their child needs some more preparation.

Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids

In the sixth worksheet, we have words like cut, foot, fly, etc. Then use the words to create a new sentence. Creating a sentence could be difficult for the child and that is understandable. And when they find such difficulties, the child’s queries need to be answered. That is very essential.

Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids

Another worksheet will help the child to understand and recognize the importance of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Along with working on English Language skills, the attention of the child is very necessary. And fortunately, these worksheets include and cover that portion as well.


The eighth worksheet will have the same impact just like the above-given worksheets. It has words like late, baby, rabbit, table, ground, etc. The good thing about these worksheets is the kid will not get bored at any stage. To make things interesting, the tables are designed.


In the final two worksheets try to test the child’s knowledge by asking him to solve the entire worksheet by himself. In this way, the kid will feel more confident and adapt to the English language concepts with ease and comfort. The child must know the importance of these worksheets and how this is going to help him, develop his mental abilities. That is very essential.


The final worksheet involves words like boat, busy, study, sing, etc. Once the child has finished the above-given worksheets, it only becomes easy for him to solve this one. It has the same concept but like every worksheet, the words that are presented here are different to bring modification in education and not turn into something usual and predictable.


Hope you liked these ‘Sort Words Into Categories Worksheets for Kids’ edition. Here you can find all types of worksheets that will make the study and education of your child fascinating.

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