The Science of Marathon Running



The first marathon was started in 490 BC in which a person was started running and from Greece to deliver a message that greek army has beat back the prison. And the distance between two miles is 26.2 miles and that’s the origin of the marathon sporting event that we calls the marathon. But while covering this distance this man died. But the question is that why he died and how?

Body should be hydrated

So when he was running that time he has not eaten and drunk anything. Because of this his body did not get any energy or glucose. If a person is running then that time his body should be hydrated so that it gain energy and glucose. When our body will be hydrated continuously then it will work in a good way but if not then their may be chances of that the person will be died.


In our body many cells are present which provides us energy to do the work and to perform the function in a well mannered. From many of the cells there is a Mitochondria which is the powerhouse of the cells which provide power to the cells. If at the time of running mitochondria will not get proper energy then how will he pass the power to the cells. Because of this our body will be neutral and will not perform any of the body function and their maybe be chances of a death of a person.

Proper energy

So the our body needs proper power and energy so that our inner body parts perform their work in a good way. So next time if you were running in a marathon then you should eat and drink something in between so that your body will get proper energy and power which is very important for you. Because marathon is a long running race and you should be careful and not take it lightly and in a easy way. Mostly people run marathon for their fun but you should run with proper care and protection.

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