5 Weird Involuntary Behaviors Explained!


Uncontrollable twerks

We think that everything in our body is controlling by us. But this is not like that. Not all the activities are controlling by us. Many times we observe in our body the weird involuntarily behavior which we also don’t know why they are happening with us. Why we twerk? It is because if the brightness is very much coming inside our eyes so due to this our eyes twerk. And nothing else. So don’t think much that why this is happens with you. And if nearby you their is much pressure of air then this can also be the reason why your eyes are twerking.


Another thing we can observe that we usually hiccups. But why this happen? It is because the air which is stored in our body and it is coming out through our lungs that’s why it causes hiccups. And the air could came out in other forms also. If you want to stop your hiccups then you should stops your inhalation for a second, or you should start breathing in the paper packets, or drink some water or you can divert his/her attention to something else. So this way you can stops yours hiccups and also of someone else.


Next is that why we yawn? Some says that when we were feeling dizzying, tired, bored or sleepy that time we yawn. But if I say that’s not the reason. Sometimes we yawn because the person with us or near us also yawning. Yes this can also be the reason. We can’t say that this is because of some particular reason. But this is because it is just a nature call. So don’t think that much. It is natural with all of us. And if we were yawning that time our muscles also stretches and if feel that we were relaxed.

Sometimes when we are sleeping and dreaming about something and we accidentally wake up just because we thought that we were falling from a height. This is because if we are dreaming that we were climbing on a rock or mountain and suddenly we fall then due to this it also awakes us like we were falling in real also. It is because our brain is continuously working whether we were sleeping or doing some activities. There can be many reasons why our body is behaving like this.

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