The Science of Overpopulation

Do you know there are 7 billion people on earth? That’s not even constant. The number keeps on growing every second. For every two people who die on earth, there are four babies who welcome themselves into the world.

We can say that the world population is increasing by 2.5 people every freaking second. Instead of having a vast population of 7billion and more on earth, there is enough space for us. If 7 billion people stand shoulder to shoulder then the space that we consume will be no more than the size of Los Angeles. 


Insight about overpopulation

Around 1800, the world hit a total population of 1 billion people because around that time the economy was dependent on agriculture where stuff was grown with the help of human hands and domestic animals. 

Back then according to a British economist Thomas Malthus, the more the human population grows, the less is the ability to feed the race. These gradually gave birth to problems like starvation. Apart from this, some of the rest of the people suffer from disease and the ongoing war.

Industrial revolution

The very introduction of this Industrial Revolution where there were less laborers and more food hardly imposed any threat to the population. The human population grew from 50,000 to 1 billion in five hundred years and just 1 billion to 7 billion In two hundred years, all hail to the industrial revolution! The world population now is growing more and more at about 1.1% in a year and if this goes on, there will be 9.3 billion people on earth.

Effects of overpopulation

If you have a non-stop supply of water, electricity, meals and meat you are rich as you have a better living condition than a whole lot of other people on earth. When these people demand ‘more’, it’s a problem.  To understand the concept further, we will be discussing three different subtopics of water, food and birth. 

  • Food 

The saddest thing on earth is that though the food output on earth can be easily fed to 11 billion people, 1 billion people out of 7 billion people suffer from starvation. The reason behind this is that the food gets eaten by livestock leaving 1 billion people starving. 

  • Water

Rich people use water more than they need. According to a calculation, the amount of water used for watering in the lawns and gardens surpass the amount of water used for the irrigation of crops. Water is a very resource still people use them at a rapid rate. 

  • Birth 

Since 4 babies are born for every 2 people who die, they are not being born to rich people only. They are being born to both the category of people who have the supply and the people who don’t. Additionally, the people belonging to the developed countries have sort of stopped having babies thus misbalancing the birth of babies on either side of the subject. 

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