7 Things We Don’t Know About the Ocean

Humans have done a pretty good job of exploring the Earth, climbing mountains, crossing continents and planting our flags all over the place in the name of science. But one part of the world that has remained pretty mysterious to us also happens to cover more than 70% of it’s surface and that is THE OCEAN.

But the oceans has massive deep sea creatures, and underwater ecosystems with thousands of undiscovered, basically many species. Probably more than any place on Earth, the ocean is full of fascinating stuff that we just don’t know. Not yet.


Ocean floor

We still don’t know exactly what the ocean floor looks like in most places. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that 95% of the ocean’s bottom remains unseen by humans. By comparing, most of the surface of Mars, Venus, and the Moon have been mapped to resolutions 100 meters or less. So we don’t know what’s going on down there and really explore the ocean, detecting life, specific mineral formations or wrecks were gonna need a better map.

Under the sea floor

We have all seen lakes and rivers on island but what about lakes that are under water. Sounds a litter bit unreal. Like maybe it’s from a SpongeBob episode but these features actually exits. Oceans are very salty there are known as brine pools and they seems to have formed when layers of salt from evaporated. Oceans millions of years ago got buried under layers of sediment. Seawater can reach these deposits and mix with the salt, forming a dense brine that flows out of the sea floor.

Milky seas

They are also known as mareel. This is a phenomenal in which thousands of square kilometers of the ocean surface glow a brilliant whitish blue. It lasts for a such a short time. And there have been so few records sightings that these glowing seas were thought to be a myth made up by crazy sailors. But these exits for 3 nights and it knows as seas glow.  But there are many more undiscovered facts about ocean which we don’t know yet.

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