Time Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten

Time telling is an important thing to learn and it will be helpful if your kids learn it at a young age. It helps them with analytical and information processing skills. It’s a kind of activity that will enhance your kid’s knowledge even in math. We are presenting these worksheets which are filled with cute little clocks that are going to help your kids with practicing reading time. These worksheets will boost their confidence and will help them to form a strong grip at the time telling from a young age. These worksheets will get them involved with its fun and exciting activities.

Time Learning Practice Worksheet

In the above worksheet, every picture is showing a time. Now your kids have to read the time from the pictures and write below it in the given space. Please do check if they are writing correct answers.

Now after you have learned to tell time it’s time for a different activity. In the given worksheet every clock is showing some different time. Below each clock, two options of time are given. By reading time from the clock your kids have to select the answer out of the two times which is correct and put a tick in front of it.

This worksheet will be done in the very same manner as the previous one.

In the worksheet at the very top, we have introduced kids with clocks. Here we have shown the parts of the clock. Help your kids to identify them are read the names of parts to them. Help your kids to learn their names and what are their significance in the clock. Now below it is some clocks and they all are telling different times. The correct time that they are showing is written below them in a dotted manner. First by covering the answer portion ask your kids to answer first. Ask them to write the time with the help of the dots.

Now there is another fun activity in the above-given worksheet. Each clock is showing some time and in the box, some time is given. Now you have to match the clock with the correct time it is showing.

These all activities will be really helpful to your kids to understand clacks and teach them about time. for them, clocks will no longer be a boring topic. As they practice again and again it will get easy for them. Do print these papers to do this activity multiple times.

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