Time Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

When a kid is around five or six years young, they slowly start to understand, the observing and time manipulation fundamentals. It is also the time for you, to teach them more about time. For adults, it might seem to be an easy task, but getting used to the concepts and basics of time, or understanding time-related words might be a little intimidating task for the children.


What does this worksheet include?

These time word worksheets come in all printable forms, which means you can print these worksheets and do the exercises comfortably at home. These worksheets include three exercises, where you need to match the words given to the pictures given at left, puzzles that will help in improving your spellings, mixed and made where you need to first fill the word correctly and then match the words to their respective correct images.

Practicing the time words regularly will help to hone your skills while using them. Practicing time words might become boring after some time and to overcome that, these worksheets are made with a lot of pictures that would never bore you when solving these worksheets. Having fun while learning something also helps to learn the thing easily and it won’t feel like a hassle to you.

You’ll Learn:

Using these printable worksheets you can sharpen your skills of depicting the time through words which will also help in improving the quality of the conversation. Using these printable worksheets with proper practice, you can effectively learn how and when to use the time-related words in a conversation.

But before knowing “what” we will learn through this worksheet you should know the answer to “why” you should learn to use time-related words. The ability to use these words regularly in your day-to-day talks will help in many aspects of your life. Having these words undercover will be helpful, giving a head start to your journey in improving your communication skills.

Instructions to use this worksheet

If our worksheets are used properly with solid planning, it would help a lot to learn how and when to use the time telling words in regular conversations. These worksheets are one of the best resources where you can practice your skills using time-telling words.

You can practice all the exercises in a single go, but you need to keep in touch with these words to get a tighter grip where this knowledge will be subconsciously stored in your brain and you would not have to think that much before using these time-related words. As these worksheets are completely printable, you can directly print and draw on them to practice regularly.

It is proven scientifically that regular practice always helps in improving the skills of using these words. By using the time-related word practicing worksheets, it will prove to be beneficial in learning the topic more strongly.

List of ‘Time’ related words for kids

There are plenty of time-related words out there in the dictionary that most of us don’t use on regular days. While there are also some words, without which we might not be able to relay most of our messages. Some of the most used time-related words are “after, before, anytime, delay, every day, late, later”.

These are just a few examples of the most common time-related words. There are other words that we might not use in our daily dialect, but there is no harm to take those words under your vocabulary cover. Having a vast vocabulary always helps in improving the quality of the speech or conversation. Some of the not-so-common but nice-to-have-under-cover words are “belated, chronology, decennium, equinox, millennial, trimester”.

There are many more time-related words that exist, but never get used regularly in day-to-day conversations.

Tips to boost vocabulary of kids

Kindergartners’ age varies from three to five. It is approximately this age where the children are taught about time. And it is scientifically proven that children in that age span tend to learn faster than the older first-time learners. So it is easier to teach kindergartners new words to add to their lexical diary.

There are many ways to ameliorate your vocabulary. Reading books are one the most effective way to get a new collection of words for your daily use.

Reading non-fiction books or informational documentary books would prove to be a treasure chest to a rich collection of new words. Watching different movies or documentaries also help in this matter.

The worksheets provided here will surely help to enrich your vocabulary and also help to learn a lot about the world’s different cultures.

Encouraging children in their learning period helps a lot in learning new things, motivation is important for children at that age span, and it is more important, that the motivation source should be you.

Target the thing they are spending their time the most with. Everyday conversation is something like that. Running the new words in your house will help them to get accustomed to the usage of the words and will also help them to actively learn new words.

One of the best methods of learning new words is exploring them every day. You can ask your children to come up with one word from the dictionary, write its meaning, and frame a sentence using that word. Doing this activity regularly will surely enlarge their vocabulary.

Time Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

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