Painting Ideas for Kids

This article contains 17 painting ideas for kids in total. Go through all of them and must try them and I am damn sure you will like all of them.

No one can keep a kid away from paintings. Kids paint their new world with painting colors and brushes. There are many ways of using watercolors as it makes special effect and unique texture to our work.  So today we are here with some painting ideas for kids which will enhance their beautiful world of colors.


Painting Ideas for Kids

1) Wood Slices Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Painting on wood has become a trend now. So for going with this trend we will paint wood slices. For this take three wood slices. Trace it around onto the painting, and use a cute knife to cut just inside the shape that you traced on wood slices. After doing this brush on a layer of mod podge. Place the artwork on the top of the wood slice. Brush out another layer of mod podge. And it’s ready. Kids will love it. Must try!

2) Wind Chimes Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: Sugar, Spice and Glitter

If you have a pot at home and have nothing to do with this then don’t worry, here is an amazing craft that will be the best craft out of waste for your pots. For this take an old gardening pot to punch a hole on the lower bottom of it. Take a thread and colorful beads. Add beads to the thread tie it from the end and in a similar manner make two or three threads full with beads. Keep them aside color the paint with watercolors. Take a button to tie all three threads to it. Pour it out from the hole made in the pot. Ans the last step just tie a hanging tread to it.

3) Blueberries Craft:

Image Source/Tutorial: Heart of Deborah

Blueberries craft is the easiest of all the crafts today we are going through. Just draw circles on a piece of white paper. Color the berries with blue color. Cut them with scissors. Take another white paper. Paste a rectangle-shaped or a bucket-shaped aluminum foil to it. Paste the already trimmed Berries to it. Draw a bucket hanger too.

4) Painting with feet:

Image Source/Tutorial: Homegrown Friends

The most loved and most exciting painting is painting with feet. All we need to do is just take a long piece of paper and paint colors. Deep the feet into colors and just walk on the paper.

5) Stone Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

Along with wood painting stone painting is also famous in today’s era. Take stones off different shapes. Make drawings using a marker pen or a pencil. The painting could be of animals, flowers, leaves, or birds. It is totally up to you. After all, this fills the drawing with watercolors.

6) Heart Space Painting on a Stone:

Image Source/Tutorial: Color Made Happy

Take a stone to draw a heart shape with a marker pen. This painting uses acrylic paints instead of using poster colors. Fill blue color and then use a thin brush to make fine details of moon stars. Add some pink color so that it totally looks like the space heart.

7) Leaf Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: Pam Ash Designs

For this painting use a wax crayon or a candle. Make any shape on paper with the candle. Paint the different leaves with different colors and flip the leaf on the paper where we have drawn a shape. After we will pick the leaf it will give the result as shown in the picture above.

8) Busted Button:

Image Source/Tutorial: Busted Button

For this beautiful busted button, the painting takes two canvas to draw a tree on both of the canvas first trace it with a pencil then fill the tree with black paint color. paste the different color buttons and you are all done.

9) Club Craft:

Image Source/Tutorial: Club Crafted

Take an already made wooden house paint it with white paint with two-three coatings and let it dry. Cut a door from the pink foam. Punch two holes one large on the top of the door and another small hole on the bottom side of the door.

Take another pink foam cut it into small square shapes cut about 20 squares to make a signature door and paste on the door. Glue the door to the house. Cut some rectangle shape pieces and paste them on the roof of the house. Drill a hole in the top of each wooden block to make room for the plants. Paint the block and glue some artificial plants.

10) Painting Gourds:

Image Source/Tutorial: Hearth and Vine

Gourds are not of any use once they are dried but don’t worry they can become a showpiece to decorate your home and also kids will enjoy making these.  Paint the gourds with olive green color, purple color, and orange color. Make a hole in all three. First, take orange painted gourd paint a sunflower on it. The second one is purple let it be simple as it is. And the third one draws a non-uniform line and paints flowers and leaves on it.

11) Face Painting on Stones:

Image Source/Tutorial: Jennifer Perkins

For this funny and cute painting, you just need stones of different shapes and sizes. Paint the stones in different colors. Draw different funny faces on the stone or you can make different patterns with brushes too. Make the boundary line too once you are finished with the work.

12) Bag Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Barb Blog

For this take a cloth bag. Paint a duck on the cloth or another other paper. place it on a roller in such a way that when the roller rolled the duck painting traced down on the bag. Repeat the process to make as many ducks as you want.

13. Umbrella Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

This umbrella painting is very easy. I am sure kids will love it and will have great fun. Take an umbrella and paint with different colors. See it is super easy, it will just take 4-5 minutes.

14. Stamped paper Painting:

Image Source/Tutorial: Elise Engh Studios

It is time for another wonderful activity with watercolor. This time use stamps to make cool patterns on the paper. It’s a simple activity that will take you 5 minutes or less and is also fun to do with kids.

You can use ink to create these, but watercolors give you a completely different effect. Load your paintbrush with water and paint. Then “paint” the surface of the rubber stamp, then lay the stamp face down on the paper and press down lightly. Pick up the stamp from the paper and see what a wonderful design it makes. It’s a lot more fun. Your beautiful designs are ready.

15. Animal Painting on the Stone:

Image Source/Tutorial:  Treasure In An Earth Envessel  

So we are back again on stone paintings. Take stones of different sizes and shapes. Draw the animal you want on the stone. Paint it with colors and outline the animal with a black marker pen.

16. Ice- cream Characters:

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

Ice-cream characters are really supercooled creations. Make the character you on the stuck paint it with colors or paste some buttons or fabrics so that they will become their clothes. Make face with marker pen. Don’t forget to glue the hair for it, just cut out the yarn of different lengths and paste them on the top of the ice cream stick.

17. Shark and Mermaid Game:

Image Source/Tutorial: J Sorelle Blog

Last but not least this is a shark and mermaid game craft. for this take a pouch to draw two horizontal and two vertical lines on it in such a way that it becomes a grid of tic tac toe game. Use stones to paint sharks and seashells. Remember that both shark and seashell should not be less than 5 -5 stones each. And the game is ready. Have Fun!

Keep trying different crafts and painting. Hope so you liked all our painting work.

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