Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Use

It’s a very significant topic that should be discussed as soon as possible. Have you heard about plastics? If yes, then you might also know that our planet is getting deteriorated because of it. They are dumped into the water bodies and our sea creatures try to consume them which isn’t possible. There comes always this news like Whale, shark, dolphins, tortoise, etc. has died trying to swallow plastics in search of food. Plastics are that material that can’t be buried even because it doesn’t get dissolve in the soil, and when burnt toxic chemicals are being released. Its consumption should be stopped immediately. But we lack somewhere due to which plastics are still surviving in the markets.

Everyone today is trying to ban plastic but not completely it has been implemented. Its the time for us (adults) to make our kids aware of what plastic has done to our planet and how it should be discarded. Our kids should know how plastics must be treated, what are the alternatives available, and how it is dangerous for all of the creatures. Kids are going to be future of our nation tomorrow, they should be in the right mind, they should be directed in the right way about how to keep our environment safe and how to fight with the villains of it. Tomorrow they are going to establish new rules, those rules must be good for nature.

So here we are introducing you with ‘TIPS TO REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC USE’. 


Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Use

1. Make your own bag

It is common wherever we go or whatever we buy, most of the products are given to us in plastic bags. Isn’t it true? So, the first step to ultimately reduce the use of plastic is to go with bags made of clothes, paper and etc excepting plastic. Making paper bags is a very creative activity and your kids will certainly enjoy the process. Just make sure to implement it. Whenever you go out keep a bag with yourself which is not made of plastic. This way you’ll be able to avoid plastic and society will also get inspired by you.

2. Eat Fruits for Snack

Make this habit of munching on fruits not snacks like packet snacks- chips, chocolates, etc. I know it’s very hard to control your craving. But you can have fruits, fruits are totally nutritious and very healthy for kids’ growth and development. But if you or your kids can’t control your habit of having snacks other than fruits then buy snacks in bulks. And consume slowly this way you will not throw plastic here and there every time. Just don’t buy like small pouches, buy big quantity at once and consume very slowly. But before buying carefully check the expiry date. This way you will produce less plastic wastage.

3. Go for the cone icecream

Go for the cone icecream or stick icecream but refuse to use the ice cream which is being offered in a plastic box. remember we are doing this for the environment little changes can make a really big revolution. We love ice cream and we will eat them but we don’t have to use plastic for that so why would we promote them by buying it? Make a little sacrifice here and there for good of this planet. You can complain to the icecream making company to start serving your favorite flavor in bamboos, metals, papers, etc. but not in plastic. Ask them to find some alternatives.

4. Drink out of a reusable water bottle

We all have this habit of carrying plastic tiffins and plastic bottles. We have made our kids part of this too. They carry water bottles and tiffins that are made of plastic. Do you know that when you serve food items basically hot food items in plastic they release toxic chemicals and we also consume that? Please be health-conscious and stop this practice of carrying such a dangerous product with yourself. In the place of plastic bottles use a reusable water bottle and tiffins. Markets must be having absolute ravishing alternate of plastic tiffins and bottles. Just search for them.

5. Never ever in your life litter

Littering is not a bad habit, its a worst habit. And somehow it says a lot about one’s character. So teach your kids to throw used products waste just in the dustbin. Don’t just liter in an open environment like in park, garden, beach, the mall even at home, properly dump wastages in the dustbin that is made for it. Directly or indirectly plastics are very very harmful to our nature. It doesn’t matter if we are an animal lover or not we have to share this world with them because they are equally deserving as us. So please be kind and always think about our nature before littering. Think about what we happen after any animal will swallow a plastic bag.

6. Use plates made from leaves, not plastic

We are totally surrounded by plastic and products like shampoo bottles, plastic bottles, tubs, packing materials, traffic cones, etc. Actually what not? they are cheap and are easily available everywhere that’s why they are bought. We cannot remove plastic at once from this planet but bit by bit we can go natural. Don’t buy plates or bowl or spoon or glasses made of plastic instead go with plates made of paper and leaves etc. They are trending these days. When food is served in such kinds of products it makes us feel fresh and connected to the roots.

7. Say no to straws

Straws are made of plastic, say no to straws use bamboo straws, bamboo plates, bamboo tiffins they are now easily available everywhere. Make this habit of your kid where he discards the product made of plastic. It’s very effective and socially it’s very important too. Today kids will be tomorrow’s future, they should know what is right and what is wrong. What products should be accepted and what products should be discarded.

8. Pick up what you can

Ill-mannered or not so disciplined people have this tendency of throwing waste products like the products completely used here and there. They don’t care where they are they just love littering. These people have no shame or no respect for their environment. Understand this thing- This planet is your home and Earth is our mother. We should respect her and keep things where it should be kept. Like waste products in the dustbin. Whenever you’ll go to a public place like a beach you’ll see that the place is decorated with dirty cans, chips packet people throw them there and without giving it a second glance they just leave the place. Teach your kids to be responsible citizens. Develop this habit of keeping the place clean and pick up the products that are discarded from the ground and put them in the dustbin. This is a very good habit and it also inspires adults to do the same.

Today number of water creatures are dying mercilessly because they get caught under some plastic products or they feed on plastic. We humans are not alone living in this world. We are no one to pour our dirt in their house.

9. Just recycle as much as possible

Do you know that plastics we throw every day even in the dustbin do not get dissolve in our environment completely? Just don’t throw plastics from your home like that. Yes, you read correctly. Don’t throw plastics use them again and again by recycling you can convert it to anything you like you can make home decorative products from that or you can plant plants in that. Just make sure to not dump it in the open environment. But make sure to not buy products that give you free plastics with it. I know its difficult but slowly practicing this thing would bring every positive result.

10. Stop asking for plastic

Plastic is easy, not very costly, available everywhere and so handy. Its the advantage. But what about the disadvantage? The disadvantage is that it never goes well with our environment. If you burn it releases toxic gases, if you dig it under the soil, it will destroy the soil, if animals feed on them, they get died of it. Plastic is deadly for nature. And we should take care of our planet. That’s why to give up on this habit of asking. “hey do you have plastic I have nothing at the moment to carry it in?” stop asking this question and just ask them for a paper bag or have your own but seriously give up on plastic as soon as possible.

We have discussed exactly 10ways you can reduce the use of plastic. Though that’s not enough you can take tiny steps because these tiny steps taken will surely bring very positive results in the future. In the long term, if we not only our kids but also we stop immediately using plastics, discard them, and stop littering then believe it, this world will become a better place not just for us but for the whole creatures and we will become original humans, the day we will stop feeding our animals plastic that day we will actually start sharing with them this planet. Thank you, hope you liked it.

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