Fast Growing Plants for School Project

Looking for fast-growing plants for school project? Here are some interesting plants that you can grow really fast!

It is so fascinating as a kid to grow a plant. Kids should be taught to respect and always cherish the gifts of mother nature. There must be a feeling of thankfulness towards our Earth. Our planet Earth needs them the most today to save itself from the destruction that is happening because of global warming. We can indeed remove the destruction by growing number of plants- short, small, big, little, heavy, indoors, etc. Just go green is the motive.

And our kids can plant trees for fun too. Kids would love to see their little plants growing blooming with leaves, flowers, fruits, and veggies. And there is not exactly any right age to introduce them with gardening, make it as soon as possible but with care. We are introducing here some plants that kids can grow really fast which will give them motivation, encouragement + excitement to grow more. Our Little ones have to understand what things are good for Earth,  how we humans are sharing our planet with many more creatures and we have to respect them all equally and how we are blessed to have offerings of mother nature that never gets depleted. Values must be taught. So, let’s start with planting trees.


Fast Growing Plants for School Project

1.Cherry Tomatoes

Round Round, bright and sweet,t sounds like a perfect combination for kids. Isn’t it? Cherry tomatoes are prolific growers so they will keep kids interested throughout the growing session of it. It’s cute and handy. And when kids grow something like fruits or veggies they end up loving them. Actually they cherish them a lot. Give them this opportunity.


Do you remember by any chance this name- popeye the sailor man, her beloved olive and that cute bulky Villian Bluto? I can even hear their theme song. I think they are unforgettable. There was a great concept whenever popeye required energy he went straight to eat a lot of spinach. Spinach gave him abundant power in his muscles. Of course, spinach is a very healthy veggie. So why not simply grow them? Spinach is another fast-growing food plant that is extremely easy to grow with kids. This one can be grown easily in patio, on a windowsill, in a vertical garden, and in a container. This convenience of it makes it a great choice for folks with small backyards.

3.Snap Peas

Snap Peas is a really interesting veggie to be grown by the kids. It’s actually a quick-growing early crop. It’s even too exciting that the kids would be able to eat these sweet pods right off the vine. They are fast-growing like in just 10 days they germinate and are ready to be eaten in less than 2months. Do try growing snap peas with your kids.


Marigolds are so pretty with their orange-yellow texture. They are so bright and beautiful. You must have a plant of marigold.  These hardy little flowers of beautiful colors can take rough handling and still manage to keep going without any disturbance. They are just perfect for very young gardens. A big quantity of marigolds covering your garden and in background fresh smell of it lingers. A pathway that welcomes you with flowers. Are you not feeling heavenly already?


Don’t you need herbs to sprinkle on pizza? or white sauce pasta? Well, I do. Many of us are fond of it. Basil is an easy to grow herb and also are fun to grow with kids. They can harvest these leaves for the use in soups, sauces, as well as salads. They are a kind of taste enhancer. This plant growth will increase their interest in the culinary arts. As an added bonus, you can even munch on blossoms, so when the plant reaches the end of its life cycle, you can happily enjoy the blossom with your kids.


Which person doesn’t like sunflowers? Sunflowers are like a source of energy, a source of light in our life depicting the value of sun, source of blooming, and a source of a better tomorrow. So, no matter if you have a kid and if you are a kid or not. You must have there a beautiful mesmerizing sunflower in your garden or backyards. The seeds just germinate in a week and the large varieties will be taller than your child by the end of the summer. It’s even getting better. Just imagine the number of sunflowers in your garden. Are you not already feeling amazed or fresh? Go for it.


On the eve of Halloween, pumpkins trend the most but pumpkins are actually the most beloved squash for children at all the times. Yes, its the fact that they are not fast-growing like others but they are definitely interesting to watch over its entire growing season. Pumpkins are not short, tiny, or small, so they are not that easy to grow they take their time. They are heavy, bright rusty orange in color, so it’s normal they will take some time to grow. Growing pumpkins is exciting because they (kids) will certainly enjoy the process.


It is normal these days that the kids do not like carrots or capsicum but have you tried a trick? the trick is that if they grow them by themselves they will start to love it. It will make them try the outcome of their hard work. Kids love to harvest carrots. And carrots also tend to have a longer growing season, so try some of the smaller cute varieties like Romeo or Babette with them. Try to grow it with them and let them taste the taste of it.


You want butterflies to visit your garden? Plant Lavender. Yes, though it’s an odd choice for a kid’s garden this beautiful. It attracts pollinators so butterfly. This plant posses many uses like after harvesting flowers you can bake with them or use them in salads or yes you can dry them to be used in tea and craft projects such as making sachets, eye pillows, or soap. So useful.


Zucchini is known to be a very popular summer squash that produces like super fast. Although somewhat prone to a few pests zucchini is really easy to grow. Once they just get going, they don’t need much after that. You and your kids will have a blast making a batch of zucchini bread after the harvest.


Do you want your kids to go Healthy? and eat Salads? If yes comes from your side, then keep this veggie on your list. Lettuce is a fast-growing quick and very reliable crop to be grown by a kid if he/she is excited to see fast results. Try growing a mesclun mix, they can be harvested like in less than a month.


Cucumbers’ special quality is that this plant does not require special attention once they are set up. And above this, these are also fast-growing and reliable growers. They are equally easy to harvest. When its time for picking, your kids will enjoy the hunting of it through the plant’s lush leaves.

13.Green Beans

Green beans that have the bush variety are fast-growing and have really higher yields. Kids are basically impatient and that’s the nature of a child. They want quick results and to bring smiles on their face, Grow this one for sure. Because they do not grow tall at all and they are very easy to harvest too by them. Kids do love the snap of the beans too and the details about that are shared too above.


Kids are quite impatient they want results instantly. That’s why we have introduced you with no. of fast-growing plants and one of them is radish too. Yes, red radishes are fast growers actual;y super growers. They are surprisingly harvestable in less than a month. Kids would love to see the little red globes popping out of the soil. So, go with radish too.


What is not made of potato? Potatoes are cool in all the things. Potatoes are baked, boiled, fried, mashed, etc. You eat French Fries, potato pancakes, potato dumplings, potato salad, alloo Tikki, etc. Potatoes are loved in all shapes and in every way. So, there arises no question. We should and we have to grow it. This is indeed a fun plant because you can use the eye of an existing potato. Let the harvest time come and your munchkins will be quite amazed at the number of new potatoes that came from the seed potato. Just make sure you try it.

We have discussed 15 total plants that can easily be grown by your kids for school project. They take less time in growing. Some are veggies, some are fruits while there are herbs and flowers too. So, you can pick the plant as per your kid’s like and convenience. I hope you liked it. But make sure to go green. Thank you.

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